2013 Honda CR-V features in the 10 most watched car ads for 2012 (Videos)

2013 Honda CR-V features in the 10 most watched car ads for 2012Auto manufacturers have tried ways and means to attract customers to their upcoming and latest models through the launch of the most innovative and captivating auto commercials. During the year 2012, a host of such enticing commercials have been launched, each one more original and charismatic than the other. These commercials have quality and popularity, the two features which are necessary for any commercial worth its mettle.

Volkswagen came out with the ‘Dog Strikes Back’ commercial which was watched by a total of 41,252,003 viewers. Matthew Broderick’s Day Off – Honda CR-V received 26,042,359 views, while, It’s Halftime in America, Punk – Chrysler was watched by over 23,062,482 viewers. The new Honda CR-V is scheduled to be launched in India early next year, probably in January 2013 itself.

Other top commercials during the year include – Jerry Comes Second to Jay – Acura NSX, That’s a (Vampire) Party Killer – Audi S7, Kickstart my Car – Kia Optima,  Last Truck Standing – Chevrolet Silverado, Re-inventing Non-Stop  – Toyota Camry, It’s the Invisible Car – Mercedes-Benz F-Cell and Speed Up, Brake, Resuscitate – Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Sit back and relax, probably get a cup of warm tea or coffee, and enjoy the top 10 car ads of the year, which are appended here.

Top 10 car commercials watched on YouTube for 2012

1 The Dog Strikes Back – VW Beetle Views: 41,252,003

2 Matthew Broderick’s Day Off – Honda CR-V Views: 26,042,359

3. It’s Halftime in America, Punk – Chrysler Views: 23,062,482

4 Jerry Comes Second to Jay – Acura NSX Views: 21,810,905

5. That’s a (Vampire) Party Killer – Audi S7 Views: 12,039,016

6. Kickstart my Car – Kia Optima Views: 11,293,204

7. Last Truck Standing – Chevrolet Silverado Views: 11,253,826

8. Re-inventing Non-Stop – Toyota Camry Views: 11,030,411

9. It’s the Invisible Car – Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Views: 10,686,043

10. Speed Up, Brake, Resuscitate – Hyundai Genesis Coupe Views: 10,525,943

Source: VisibleMeasures


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