Greenpoint finds buyer for their Boeing 747-8 luxury jet which costs Rs 3,833 crores

Greenpoint Technologies have taken the £400 million ($617 million or Rs 3,833 crores) Boeing 747-8 aircraft and added a restaurant, conference room, office space and luxury bedrooms besides an Aeroloft for exclusive lounging and sleeping. The plane which under normal circumstances can house upto 450 passengers is the longest passenger jet in the world.

Greenpoint Boeing Jet Luxury (1)

This private jet for a private owner is completely redesigned with such onboard facilities that one would otherwise only see on a luxury yacht. Due to the private nature of the aircraft and its modifications, no photos have been released and those interested to know what luxuries are onboard will have to make do with digital renderings.

The master bedroom receives a sizeable bed with a lounge area and windows all around to let in light while the Aeroloft which is situated above the main deck in the aft section provides sleeping berths. Well designed interiors offer overnight guests all the possible comforts while the office area is large enough for a conference with VIP clients. There is also an Aerolift elevator for upto four passengers.

Greenpoint Boeing Jet Luxury

£400 million Boeing 747-8 aircraft can travel upto 9,200 miles nonstop at a cruise speed of close to 600 mph (Mach 0.85) and can lift almost 1 million pounds. The aircraft itself costs about £230 million, while the interiors have costed a whopping £170 million, bringing the total to £400 million. Apart from this, it is believed that this undisclosed owner has ordered some changes to the interiors, to suit his / her personal style. Greenpoint has kept final price paid by this undisclosed client a closely guarded secret.