5 Highly affordable classic used cars

Classic cars are a thing of beauty. Beyond the beauty which lies in the car’s design, enthusiasts can revel in the enjoyment of driving a perfectly put together machine. New models come and go, but there are certain cars which are never forgotten because they offer something special.

Mini Cooper at 1964 Monte Carlo RallyHere, we take a look at five classic cars which needn’t break the bank.

1. MINI Cooper

The MINI has been an iconic vehicle from the moment it first hit our streets several decades ago. It may not be the most practical vehicle in terms of space but that’s part of the charm of a classic car.

The MINI Cooper is not a classic car in spite of its impractical design, but almost because of it.

2. Citroen 2CV

Citroen’s 2CV is a truly unique vehicle. Today, it is considered a classic car largely because of its looks but in truth it is a wonderfully practical car. The looks of the car could easily fool you into thinking that it’s a simple road vehicle.

In fact, it was designed for use by French farmers and has had considerable success on the rally circuit.


The MGB is one of Britain’s most iconic sports cars. If you’re looking for something in which to cruise along the quaint country roads with the roof down in the summertime, you need not look any further than an MGB! Not only are they affordable from AA Cars, but they’re fairly common, making it possible to find one in good condition without too deep a search.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle may not have come into the world in the finest of circumstances but it has since become cemented into worldwide counter-culture and has earned its place in history as one of the world’s most iconic vehicles. The engine is kept in the rear of the vehicle, which makes for a unique and enjoyable driving experience.

5. Land Rover Series 1

The original Land Rover has achieved something of a cult status. The most practical car on the list, Land Rover’s pre-defender models are also pleasing on the eye.

Mod cons don’t include satellite navigation or electric windows; instead, you can expect to find a conveniently mounted spare wheel, versatile roof rack and powerful towing equipment.