50 years of Steelbird Helmets

Road traffic accidents are a human tragedy. They involve high human suffering and socioeconomic costs in terms of premature deaths, injuries, loss of productivity, and so on. According to reports Road Traffic injuries ranked fourth among the leading causes of death in the world with a fatality of nearly 1.3 million people every year.

Steelbird HelmetsWHO says road traffic injuries are the sixth leading cause of death in India with a greater share of hospitalization, deaths, disabilities and socio-economic losses in the young and middle-aged population. One of the biggest casualties of these accidents is motorcyclists.

Fifty years ago when Subhash Kapur, Chairman, Steelbird Hi-Tech India LTD. (SBHT), established the company, his intention was to offer motorcyclist protection where they were most vulnerable.

“We are not in the business of profiteering. We do not make quality compromises. Our helmets are international standard. One might think of buying a cheaper bike but must never compromise on helmet,” says Kapur.

Taking about the growth in the helmet industry in India, Kapur said,” When I had entered business 50 years ago. India used to produce some 1300 Lambretta and 1600 Vespa in two wheeler markets. Today 50 years later as Steelbird celebrates its Golden Jubilee Year, India has emerged as the largest producer of two wheeler and Steelbird has emerged as India’s foremost helmet manufacturing company.”

SBHT was established on March 13, 1964. Over time the company has emerged as the one of India’s leading and most respected names in providing quality helmets. It boasts of a state-of-the-art facility at Baddi in Shimla with a strong focus on R&D.