Anam Hashim rides to Pangong and Khardung on a TVS Scooty

Anam Hashim has successfully completed riding from Jammu to Kargil; Leh to Khardung La; and Leh to Pangong. Her partner to achieve this feat was not a powerful motorcycle, which is usually the preferred choice when taking on this daring task, but a 110cc automatic scooter.

Yes, you read it correctly. Anam Hashim has managed to ride to Khardun La top, world’s highest motorable road on a 110cc TVS Scooty. This makes her the first woman rider in the world to do so.

Anam Hashim Stunts
Anam is also a professional bike stunt performer.

A student of fashion design, this is not the first time Anam, who is also the youngest professional stunt biker in India, used the TVS Scooty. She has used the Scooty to ride to college from her home and back. But riding to Khardung La and Panogong on a Scooty, was something she was not sure of.

Determined in mind, strong in spirit and fit in health, Anam tackled harsh weather and sub zero temperatures pushing her TVS Scooty to the limit in the roughest of riding conditions.

Accomplishing the task in 18 days, Anam faced no mishaps enroute, and finished the journey without any difficulties. She found the entire experience exciting.

Anam Hashim solo feat has surprised all those she encountered on the way which included locals and Indian Army soldiers at the various check posts enroute. Anam says that all of them helped and encouraged her on her upward journey.

Below are a few photos commemorating Anam’s feat. You can also see her performing bike stunts in the gallery below.

Images via Anam Hashim on Facebook