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Recently asked Questions:

  1. Rating: +1

    What is the expected price of Volkswagen Polo?

  2. Rating: +1

    Should I buy Maruti Eeco or second hand Scorpio?

  3. Rating: -1

    Should I go for the Innova or wait for the New Skoda Yeti? Or is the new Mahindra 'World' SUV around the corner as well? I have a budget of Rs. 12 Lakhs

  4. Rating: +1

    HI, I am planning to take a car with in range of Rs.4.5 to 6 lacs. My avg daily running will be 55 to 60 kms (70:30 - City: Highway). Which car is good in this segment. Please suggest which variant i should prefer Petrol or diesel? Which will be better Maruti Swift (2010 model - K series - 1.2cc) or Chevrolet Beat?

  5. Rating: +1

    I am living in Dubai. What is better CRV OR PAJERO. Both are equally priced.

  6. Rating: +1

    hiiiiiiii i want 2 buy a used bmw 3 series or audi a4 is it possible 2 find out in 15 to 17 lac budget

  7. Rating: +1

    What will be Maruti Cervo's price?

  8. Rating: +0

    i welcome daimler to introduce new truck in india. My Q 1.Are the road cabable to run the truck other than NH 7? Q .2 . Will the new truck be easily handled by a normal Indian Driver? Q.3. Is any certification required from Inter national Driving teacher to drive these trucks?

  9. Rating: +1

    Indigo Manza (Aura+ ABS) or Swift (petrol variant)?

  10. Rating: +1

    Please suggest a petrol car in range of Rs.5 lacs --Rs.6.2 lacs ?

  11. Rating: +1

    can u please suggest some car audio system?

  12. Rating: +8

    What could be the better option between the two sedans Maruti's Swift Dzire And the TATA's Indigo Manza?

  13. Rating: +0

    Hi, I am Sunil I want to know which car is better ford figo or beat. kindly suggest

  14. Rating: +1

    i want to by an Alto. plz let me know which model will be the best to go for.

  15. Rating: +2

    How is Hyundai accent ? What is the fuel economy on cng??Dealer claims it to be 22km/kg>>

  16. Rating: +0

    Sir, This will be my first new car. I have Beat, Polo, Figo, santro and Swift. Pls tell me which car is best buy in term of power, comfort, mileage, maintanence, fuel economy. I will be very thankfull to you Lalit

  17. Rating: +4

    Indigo Manza Diesel or Swift Dzire VDI

  18. Rating: +2

    I am planning to buy the skoda superb next month and I want to know when skoda is going to put the crdi engine in superb that is there in the passat?And how is the resale value of superb?

  19. Rating: +0


  20. Rating: +1

    Which is a better buy POLO or FIGO??

  21. dear sir i have some queries about ford figo car - petrol varient 1. how is the mileage for petrol 2. maintainance and servicing charges-it is high or less as compared to maruti suzuki 3.performance of the car for long drive- it is comfortable 4. for milage purpose it is good as maruti? 5. how much is the milege per litre. please reply thanking you nivas 3.

  22. Rating: +0

    dear sir i have budget 4lac to 4.5 lac which car i can buy for milege and long travelling purpose

  23. i want to buy new car , my range is around 4.5 lacs petrol version , here i want to know i should go for hyundai i 10 or ford figo

  24. Rating: +1

    Looking for a sedan around Rs 5-5.5 lakhs in the Esteem, Accent category. Is something interesting coming up in 2010?

  25. which is best car in diesal around 4 to 5 laks and with good milage please tell me

  26. What car i should opt for between i20, figo and polo.... both i20 and figo have impressed me although i have not driven the Volkswagen polo yet... can u please help me....

  27. How is the new bmw 3series corporate edition?Is runflats a problem on indian roads?

  28. Rating: +2

    which one is the best car among i10 or new maruti suzuki wagon r(ki sr engine) ??

  29. dear sir, how is the performence of ford figo petrol? milege ? Maintaince? it is better than maruti - suzuki Ritz ? which is best car in following Ritz ford figo swift indica vista i-10/ i-20 for the purpose of comfertable long travelling , milege, less maintaince cost pl advice me

  30. Rating: +2

    I am planning to buy car with approx. budget of Rs. 8.0 lakhs. My daily driving is approx. 50 kms.And i want to retain it for good time. Pl suggest varients Diesel OR Petrol. If diesel that Ford fiesta ( new)/Verna/Linea/Swift Desier/Indigo manza OR if petrol then Honda city.

  31. Iam planning to buy a car in B segment,got confused with the recent launches,Earlier i Got 2 options RITZ VXI AND NEW VAGON R but now my fried has suggested me to go far FIAT PUNTO 1.2 ACTIVE,Can you suggest me a car my preferences are fuel economy,roomy since iam 185 cms height

  32. Rating: +1

    sir,planning to buy my first car, interested in hyndai vehicles, car budget is MAX 5 lakh, thought of buying santro top-end model which comes approximately 4.2 lakh on road. But friends suggest to go for i-20 low-end ero model, which comes to 5 lakhs on road. so,is buying i-20 era model better than santro top-end model.If so why?kindly list down the reasons. If not why?kindly list down the reasons. "

  33. Rating: +1

    sir,iam planning to buy ford figo petrol version .I want to know the milage of the car

  34. Dear sir, Is there any new SUV going to hit the market from the Ford in place of FUSION? I heard that there is one going to come built on the Fiesta platform. Thank you

  35. Im buying verna CRDI SX in India, should i wait for new verna?

  36. Rating: -1

    I am looking for the muffler (Last) for my Matiz : 1.where can I get it? 2.How much it cost? 3.Can I still get the original one. 4.Can I go with the chevrolet spark muffler since its a MatizII from GM? 5.Can GM support me in getting original part?

  37. Rating: -1

    what will be the best option to buy a new car between swift vxi, tata indigo eCS, ford figo ZXI and Chevrolet Aveo UVA

  38. Rating: +2

    Dear Sir Pl advise whether Indigo eCS petrol is ok for personal use. I have heard that petrol is not sufficiently powered. Pl also advise whether the engine is of latest technology. Further Indigo eCS or Punto 1.2 ltr which one is better. regds Om Prakash

  39. Rating: +12

    what is the maximum distance a Tata NANO can cover at a stretch at speeds above 60Kmph with four adults . Is it feasible to drive a Nano above 80 Kmph on our roads awing to small wheel size. Is Nano suitable for long drives.

  40. we are hearing for a long time that tata venture is comming and will be launched in july 2010 by first week. But till date no news from that mpv. Is it really going to launch? 2) How do we compare this mpv with any other car in this segment like eeco, mahindra and also learnt that maruti is comming up with a 7 seater van on sx4 platform. What would you like to say? Wait for that to come up. Why cant tatas comeup with vista engine in their van, does the price go up? It has been learnt that tatas will keep this van price at around 4 - 4.5l is it ture? Ihave a big family and so waiting for tata venture which is upto my reach (4-4.5L) or should I wait for maruti van on sx4 platform? Thanking for your time given. I am eagerly waithin for your answer and also the tata van / maruti van on sx4 platform. THANK YOU

  41. Rating: +1

    which is the better option between Maruti Swift VDI and hyundai I20 Deisel

  42. maruti Astar manual and automatic, what is the defferance of average of fuel beetween two ? pravinbuddh

  43. Rating: +1

    I'm looking for a car with decent power and mileage factors. I want the car with good interior and boot space. My budget limit is 6L for the on-road price. I have checked out Ford Figo and felt it was sluggish in 2nd gear. Can you suggest me a good car apart from Swift (it has a waiting period of 3 months in Hyderabad).

  44. Rating: -1

    Hi, I am looking to convert a honda accord 2.4, automatic to CNG. I want to know what are the consequences of doing that. If its goin to be benificial or not and what cng fitting to go for. Thanx

  45. Which brand is considered better in the eyes of customer Audi or Mercedes? And you think is a better brand in terms of product?

  46. Dear Sir, I am planning to buy a new car by 1/2 month. I can't decide a good car. I like Figo very much, but its mileage is very low. My monhly running will be 1000 KM. Should I go for Diesel version. Diesel car costs more and people says diesel car needs more maitainance cost. Beat is also my choice but it is too small. My budget is Rs. 5.50 Lacks on Road. My shortlist is Figo zxi diesel, Tata Indigo e-CS top Model diesel. Can you pl. suggest me which car should I buy. (The car may not be my short lists ) My preferrence is Good mileage, good engine life, low maintenance, good driveability, bigger tyre, etc.

  47. Rating: +1

    Was planning to buy a Fiat Linea Emotion pack diesel. With the launch of Volkswagon Vento there is some doubt. Which do u suggest out of the two

  48. i am planning to buy a car in range of 8 lakhs i have shortlisted 90 hp punto in hatch and ford fiesta disel in sedan is this a good buy or should i consider linea over fiesta kindly advise

  49. Rating: +2

    Why Diesel Variants are costlier than their petrol counterpart?

  50. Hi, Actually i need some suggestions i'm planning to buy a car .. i already own a car but i wanna sell it off and buy a new one... i have three options in my mind could you please suggest me which is a better one from the three below 1) Fiat Linea 2) Volkswagen POLO 3) Huyndai i20 Thanking You, Sadique

  51. Hi, I am planning to buy a small diesel car and my budget is around 5-6 lakhs. Could you please suggest me, which is the best car to buy : maruti suzuki swift or ford figo or volkswagen polo or chevrolet beat ??? any comparisons on the above ones or any other recommendations ???

  52. Do Suzuki have any plans to make changes in Swift ?

  53. Dear Sir I have average driving of 40Km/Day. Which one is better option 1. Hyundai i10 or Beat or Indigo e CS or Figo

  54. what is mileage of indigo eCS

  55. which is better Car with between Alto K10 Vxi,Hyundai Santro GLS,Hyundai i10 Magna.

  56. Rating: +1

    Sir, I want to buy a car with the budget of less than 5.25 lacs,kindly suggest a car.Annual running of the car will be 10000kms appx. What about Indigo e CS diesel/petrol?

  57. what is the trouble of new wagon R ? somebody says pulling is less than old model.


  59. Rating: +2

    I want to know the engine life of Scorpio and safari. Which car is better in terms of performance and low maintenance? we have heard safari needs lots of maintenance, is it true even for dicor 2.2?

  60. Hi Expert, An NRI in Qatar, I am planning to buy a vehicle sometime in March 2011. I would like to go for a small SUV. May I request your expert comments on the best options.I am consdering Maruti Gypsy, Premier RIO, or any others in that range

  61. we are thinking to purchase a Fortuner is my advice wise people were saying that it is decetative is it so.

  62. i am planning to buy chevrolet spark LS model, you are reqested to please guide. is it a right choice. budget constrant is here. 2nd question in spark engine is of a new technology of absolute tachnology. please guide

  63. Rating: +1

    Hello.I have ford Ikon 02 model & i want to change but i m confussed with swift Honda city.Along with that my price range varry between 3-4.5k can u suggest me some option.A used car can also be a option but suggest me with all its detials Thanks

  64. Pl. suggest. I want to buy a hatchback, for city driving,less than 50 km/day.Easy to get into and out. Do not want Santro. Should be comfortable and good for a heavy tall person 5'10" and 95 kg.

  65. hi i have booked sx4 and is due in about 3 friends and a used car dealer have planted doubts in my the mileage really so poor?is the ride so hard(i could not make out in my test drive)should i wait for etioz?

  66. best car in 5-6 lakhs

  67. what is the price of i10 magna

  68. My monthly average running will be around 1000 km. High way 600 Km & 400 Km city. Should I go for petrol or diesel car ? My choice of cars is Figo, Indigo eCS,New Wagon R. I want good mileage , nil maintenance, good built quality etc. Kindly suggest, My budget is Rs.4.50 Lac on Road.

  69. Rating: -2

    which one is the best car TATA indigo-eCS or maruti swift dezire

  70. is there is any new Automatic transmission cars releasing with Price range from 5 to 6 Lakhs ? Is S A Start Automatic worth to buy.I am ready wait for 1 to 2 months period.Please advice on this.Thanks


  72. Rating: +0


  73. is the skoda yeti coming to india.if yes then when and at what price point. amit

  74. Dear Expert, I wann increase the groung clearence of my Aveo U-VA, how can it be done? Is it possible to put extra rubber pads over coil spring on front & rear? Will it increase the clearence? Thanks -Abhishek, Patna

  75. I want to buy a car with a good city miellage. What about indigo e-cs and ford figo. Also it should have a good resale value.

  76. i wish to buy a new car in the range of 7-10 lakhs. Daily City travel only is about 30-40 km. presently owning Maruti SX4. SANDEEP AGRAWAL, KOLKATA

  77. Rating: +1

    my budget is 4 to 5.3 lacs. i want to purchase hutchback or sedan with good fuel effiency and saftey features, my average running is 300-350 km in month.

  78. Hi, I want to know which car is a better buy in diesel segment I'm looking for a comparison between upcoming Toyota Etios & Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011

  79. good average in deisal maruti dezire & ford feista


  81. Which is a better car - Ford Figo 1.2 Titanium Petrol or the new Hyundai i10 1.2 kappa magna petrol.

  82. Rating: +1

    Should I go for punto emotion 1.2 petrol or polo comfortline petrol

  83. Rating: -1

    how is hyundai i1o in comparison with indigo ECS petrol,which i should buy?

  84. Which one is better buy Santro Xing or Indigo Ecs.As there is not much difference in price.

  85. Please suggest CNG cars in the range of Rs.5 to 7 lacs available in India alongwith your ratings of the same. Thanks.

  86. maruti ritz,swift, beat or new vtvt kappa 1.2,which car is best for looks & comfirts,value for money and mainley in performence

  87. Which one is the better Car out of Indigo E-cs and I10.

  88. Hi, I am from bangalore. I am planning to buy Ford Endeavour XLT - used car .So, could you please help me to have my dream car. As Ford Endeavour was introduced in the year 2003 in india. So, which year's model should i go for as my budget is 7 to 8 lakhs. And what all things should i check for a good conditioned car. After buying is there any need to change any engine parts .What are the ways to keep my car in good condition and less maintenance. Please write your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  89. I am thinking to buy indigo Ecs,how is that car? I hard power is low of this car.please advice

  90. dear sir which one is better between santro gls vs ritz vxi

  91. Hi,, I am thinking of buying Indigo Ecs. My daily running is 50 Kms and ownership period will be more than 5 -7 years& main requirement is low maintenance and better FE. Pls suggest petrol or diesel model or shall i avoid Indigo ecs and look for other. Thanks

  92. Rating: +1

    Sir, I am looking to buy a car for self driving , in Delhi - NCR in price range of 8 - 10 L . Options considered are Lenia t -jet + , Vento -Highline , SX4 VXI and Hondacity. SX4 and Honda city dropped as its old tech on road. shortlisted to Lenia t jet +and Vento highline . Please suggest which one to go for . Vento has nice fit out and interior while Lenia has lot of features and the turbo jet offers a sweet spot on paddle . Plan to hold this car for atleast 5 years. Please guide for which car to buy . Currently I have 2001 Zen LXI

  93. Rating: +0

    Are Maintenance Costs for FORD Figo Diesel Variant Too High ?? I have booked a Ford Figo ZXi Diesel and shall get it delivered around 4-5th Nov. I have test driven it and have found it quite nice. my daily travelling is about 20-25km on weekdays and some more on weekends. People around me say that its too costly maintenance ??? please advise how much would it cost for regular service for figo. Thanks in advance. Rgds Vinod Wanhere - Pune.

  94. I have plane to buy new Maruti swift, But I m in dilemma while reading news for Swift 2011 version. Should I wait for this model? and When it is coming in Indian Market? Also suggest me should I buy Petrol version or Diesel Version? Please help me.

  95. my usage is average and i use car for generally 3 to 4 years from swift desiel, to ford figo desiel and polo desiel which car will be ideal for me in everyway. very much counfused which one to buy . when is swift new model coming??

  96. I am looking for a small hatchback. Avaliable options I have zeroed on is i10 Magna and Figo Zxi. My budget is 5 Lakh. My average use will be abt 200-300 km per month. My preference will be keeping it for long run.

  97. i want to purchase an suv,& considering Bolero, scorpio, xylo,what is best combination of lowest maintenance & lowest price

  98. which car is best hatch back/sedan cosidering 5-6lac budget and also maint/a.s.s./price/safety/comfort/resale

  99. Is it a good choice to buy indigo ecs eglx over chevrolet beat and ford figo. Are there any millege or engine problems in the indigo ecs as its a newly launched model and there are not many people to ask about it ?

  100. Will Ford discontinue with the Ikon? And with the new Fiesta launch expected, how will Ford position the current Fiesta.Will Ford launch the new Fiesta with a new different name?

  101. When and which version of Maruti Cervo( entry level or high end) will be launched in India.

  102. Looking to the business done by fiat in association with tata where fiat had not acheived the targeted sales figures and is not happy to go along with tata would the fiat pack its outlets in Indian market leaving its customers deserted for after sales and spares please reply as I am willing to purchase one.

  103. Hi.I m staying in Navi Mumbai.I m using Second Hand Alto VXI (The 2002 Model) since last two & half year. I m fully satisfy with the performance of the car. I want to know that how much more years I can use the car? Secondly if I want to purchase a new car,I should go for which Car? My monthly average running is around 200kms in city and 500 kms on highway. My budget is between 5 to 6 Lakhs.

  104. Rating: +1

    which small car is best in meleage my running is 200/300 km per month.

  105. which would be the best buy amongst ford fiesta petrol and toyota etios? i personally just love fiesta but have heard of poor after sales? pls suggest best buy sedanin the range of 7lacs. how would jazz be an option?

  106. i am planning to have a car befrore february2011.which is the best car between 4-5 lacs? 1)new hyundai i10 magna1.2 (2)tata indigo ecs (3)chervolet beat (4)ford figo suggest me.


  108. how is the performance of chevolets neo 2. innova is best or chevolets neo 2.

  109. Hi sir i want to buy 7seater car for personal family use pleas suggest me tata aria or toyota innova & plz tell me about mahindra`s upcoming world suv

  110. I am planning to buy a car for a budget of 4-5 lakhs My daily running will be 30-40 kms I don't want spend lots of money for petrol and maintenance which car you Can suggest me In my mind I have ford figo,zen estilo,nissan micra etc or you can suggest me something out of this as well

  111. Rating: -1

    want to buy tata indigo ecs is it value for money or i shuld buy any other car budget 5 to 6 lacs

  112. When the new maruti swift launch.

  113. i want to buy a car within 5 lakhs . i have two car in my mind figo & swift. please suggest . i have apprehension of low milege of figo. suggest me milege is the main criteria for me.

  114. Hi, I am planning to buy a small diesel car in a range of Rs.5 lacs max. Pls suggest

  115. i am planning to buy an hatch back diesel car i am finding it difficult to choose between polo diesel and fabia new model diesel please help

  116. Rating: +0

    Should i book and wait 2 months for the New Wagon R Vxi (2010) model or go ahead and book Hyundai Santro GLS?

  117. how i can concentrate on my work of selling cars

  118. I want to buy a Fiat Linea Dynamic (petrol) next month.Please tell me weather its a good car or should i change my mind .... yhanking u

  119. Out of I20 & JAZZ which car would you recommend to purchase

  120. What is the mileage of Force One SUV?

  121. This is regarding the milage drop of my Skoda Laura after the timing belt change. I have changed the timing belt on 28th July 2011, when my car clocked around 95000 KM as per the authorised service pesonnel's advice, much before the company's recomended 120000 KM. But the milage has droped to half of what I was getting before the timing belt change. As per my complaint they have checked my vehicle on 8th August. Originally I was getting an average consumption of arount 5 litres per 100 KM. And on idling it was 0.7 ltr / hr. After the T belt change it got doubled. Average consumption was around 9 Ltrs/ 100 KM and on idling, 1.4 ltrs / hr. AND After the 8th August check up, slight improvement on consumption and engine sound noticed. Average consumption is around 7.5 litres / 100 KM now and the idle speed consumption is 0.9 ltrs / hr. Then the service centre people have instructed me to drive the vehicle for a week. After a week also nothing improved. Kindly let me know, what to be done to get the original performance back

  122. I am using a Maruti 800 Dx since 2000. I live in Trivandrum city, have a daily run about of average 18 to 20 kms per day in buy traffic. Occasionally rather once in a month or twice, I travel 150 kms at a stretch. I now plan to buy a new car, but rates preferably less than 5lakhs though I like a sedan type. The option that came to mind is Indigo ECS. Others include Ford Figo, i20. Indeed I need a little bigger car compared to Maruti 800 that i have now. Which would be better for me, petrol or diesel variant.

  123. Hi, I am planning to buy a diesel car between 5 to 6 lacs.My confusion is between Indigo eCS & Ford figo.Which would be a better option for me in comparison with space,power,comfort,mileage & maintenance.

  124. I wanted to find out which is a better car to buy between I20 & Polo and why. Are there any issues with the service and engine of Polo. Similarly are there any issues with airconditioning & steering noise of I 20

  125. Hi, I own a maruti esteem VXi. It is CNG fitted . I have learnt that the engine of indigo ecs is same as esteem. So can i fit cng kit in indigo ecs? Is indigo ecs compatible with cng. I wish to change my car. Pl advice

  126. Rating: +1

    which is the best car between 4-5 lacs? 1)new hyundai i10 magna1.2 (2)tata indigo ecs (3)chervolet beat (4)ford figo suggest me.

  127. Hello Sir, Yesterday booked a new Honda Jazz-x. Before booking, I referred all its specification and features. I am quit aware of all what I am spending. But a little I want to know about Its integrated audio system. How many numbers of speaker Honda offers? Is there any separate output for Subwoofer?

  128. I would like to know , which car would be better...Maruti Swift , Honda JAZZ or Toyota Etios Liva

  129. Better mileage, lower maintenance cost & good resale value. Please suggest between Hyundai i10 kappa2 (petrol) and Maruti Swift (petrol). best regards.

  130. Hi. I currently which is a VIP & Executive Private Car Services company aka Chauffeur Driver Luxury Cars. Being a avid follower of Rushlane myself i would love to be featured by your guys. Do check us out. Our Services Include: - New Prestigious & Luxurious Cars - Professional, Bilingual & Certified Chauffeurs - Plush & Opulent Vintage Wedding Cars - BeSpoke VIP Concierge & Lifestyle Management Services - Corporate Leasing & Fleet Management Solutions - Unparalleled Customer Service & Reservation Support

  131. sir, I want to know about new vista TDI 2nd of engine, maintenance,performance of the engine and resale value of it. I also want to know whether the quadrajet engine of vista and engine of maruti swift are same. I am very cost conscious please suggest me vista TDI or viista quadrajet or maruti swift, which is value for money .

  132. what is the exect mileage of i10 magna 1.1 irde , with ac in city , n on highway

  133. Rating: -1

    should i buy a fiat linea or try extending my budget & get the all new fluidic verna? I saw the line multijet emotiom pk (the top end model) loved the car but i have concern about the car...I am not planning to get another car after it for more than 6 to 7 years it should be a durable long running car...and my daily driving is around 50 to 60 kms....i want a long term car,all features lyk abs ebd & a very good ac,pick up ...please suggest me a car in a budget of 8.5lakh rupees & which car should i buy a diesel or petrol...& if its linea should i buy the tjet if its better?...extending the budget to verna is going to be a bit hard for me although i can go for linea tjet extending budget little.. so plzzz suggest me a good car which i would love to be an owner of.

  134. I m looking for CNG conversion in CRV can u help!

  135. I need to buy a car for my family..the car will be used in a small city, that too not much. My budget is 6.5. I have searched many models(Diesel) but still confused which model to buy. Please help me in choosing the best one among: TATA Indigo ecs & i20. Please specify the reason also for your choice.

  136. i am confused between chevy cruze ltz and and vw new jetta hghline.which one to buy in terms of features,luxury,looks and performance.kindly help me to take a decision.

  137. I am planning to buy a car in range of 4lacs to 5lacs the brands i have choosen are as follows :cheverlot beat, skoda fabia ,maruti swift or ritz,hyundia accent please suggest the best in long ran my daily ran is aproximate 20km.please suggest as soon as possible.

  138. plan to buy a car with good mileage , my budget is 7-8 lakhs. also need good boot space and comfortable driving and interiors.. petrol or diesel . ur opinion. daily driving is around 25 kms.

  139. Hello sir i would like to ask you which car should i buy my range is below 5.5 lakhs hatchback car both diesel and petrol varient please tell me what will be suitable for me

  140. hi, rs versions are known for great performance and not for good looking interiors, skoda put same 1.8 ltr with same 160hp in laura rs which is in old laura petrol version. I wanna know what is new in this car for enthusiasm except new interiors and vrs badges?

  141. Hi , I am interested in buying the Skoda Yeti , but I understand that Skoda might drop the prices since the crossover in not doing very well in India. Your expert comments are highly appreciated. Regards

  142. better car between indigo eCS an i20

  143. i want to open now show room HONDA,so plz advice

  144. i buy ford fusion+ petrol but when i start car 1st gear and i reales clach padel my car start vibrete whats aproblem

  145. hi sir i m planning to buy a 7seater car up to rs. 12-15 lcs for my family use what about tata aria, is it ok or any eals car plz suggest me thank you

  146. How is indigo ecs CR4, diesel? Is it doing well.How many sold so far

  147. I drive an Octavis and have a Tavera as a second vehicle. I had booked the Skoda Yeti and had put up a token advance with the local dealer. However, with the proposed launch of BMW X1 I am not able to make up my mind. Please let me know whether the X1 will be launced in a month or two and what will be ex-showroom price of the diesel variant. Has BMW started the booking for the X1. Thanks & regards. Sidhartha


  149. is their any changes in maruti eeco 2011 model?

  150. how`s the feedback of verito diesel D4,its actual mileage in city and highway,comfort,spacious,performance,maintenance

  151. Which is best car in terms of space? Maruti Swift or Ritz

  152. i am having a budget of 600000 to suggest which car would be better for me. i drive nearly 2200 kms every month.i want a diesel car of better mileage,quality out of Toyota Liva diesel,Nisan micra diesel,swift diesel and Hyundai i-20

  153. which is the better option between maruti swift and tata indigo ecs vx

  154. What you think about Maruti Suzuki WagonR CNG lxi model, is there any pickup, & mileage issues associated with it? pls suggest any alternative car as well.

  155. Confusion over Tata Indica Vista (Refresh ZX or VX) or Maruti Suzuki Swift(ZDI)? Which one to go for?

  156. Hello. I am palnning to buy a hatchback in the range of INR 4 to INR 5.2 range. My daily running during the week is around 75 to 85 KM (85% highways and 15% city). I plan to keep the car for around 7+ years. I did think about the Indica Vista diesel but not sure if it can sustain itself that long. Also not sure hown reliable their quadrajet model is in terms of maintainence and fuel efficiency. It would be really helpful if you could suggest which car should I go in for and also shed some light on the indica vista quadrajet. I currently own a 2003 santro which is giving me a mileage of 17km/ltr and a Hyundai verna petrol variant. I look forward to your response. Thanks

  157. i am from india....... i wanna buy cruze dis december......... is it better option to buy it in the end of year? what say? or shld i wait..? plz reply

  158. Is it necessary that If we buy a diesel car, then we should drive it on daily basis or alternate days atleast. As I've drive from 1000-2000 kms. per month. Sometimes I drive only for 500 kms. in month and sometimes more than 2000 kms. I've budget of Rs. 4.5 lacs. Kindly suggest suitable diesel car with good mileage and space

  159. I intend to buy a hatchback.My budget is Rs 6 lakhs.Should i buy maruti swift or honda jazz or volkswagon polo.Riding pleasure and good looks are my priority.Pl guide.

  160. I own ford figo Exi petrol. It has 70 hp of power and 102nm of torque.since it has low power and biggest ac compressor in its segment it gives problem while overtaking and picking up car in 2nd gear. I would like to increase the power to at least 75 hp in coordination with torque so that there is no loss in mileage. Where can i get it done and how much would it cost. will ecu remapping effect in bad ways or not. I am also thinking of installing Sequential cng kit. How much would it cost in Delhi-ncr region.

  161. I recently purchased my new car.As I have to travel a lot I am forced to convert my fuel for CNG. I am from India and want to know for which CNG kit I should go for? What are precautions to remember so no problem occurs after conversion. Please guide. I know that by changing fuel I will lose Warranty, but it doesnt matter to me. Sorry for poor english in this post.

  162. Which car to buy? Jazz, I20, Brio. If your answer is I20 will it be petrol or disel. My monthly drive should be around 300 kms approx. Please adivise

  163. i am driven mostly in city condition about 50 km per day pl.suggest me which car good for me swift or ritz diesal

  164. hi, i own a esteem di 2003, done 135000km, recently i hv got engine head repaired with new head gasket and radiator cleaned, radiator fan is in working condition, car cabin heater is blowing cold air only. altough after head repair my car still have coolant boiling problem and is popping out in droplets from the hole under coolant refuel cap, pls advice me

  165. Its general question,who're all ask this question. Am going to buy a new bike.That one is to be good mileage,fast pickup and lifestyle model. pls kindly advise me.

  166. whther the accord v6 has some problems on the indian roads?

  167. please suggest , best diesel car Under Rs.850000/- , i m confused in vento and verna ?

  168. My indigo CS TDI is self drive,done 30k, recently facing problem of sluggish in pick-up after the engine fully hot, when driving bumper to bumper traffic, even not getting the TURBO kick, with or with-out AC on. please suggest.

  169. I want to open a car showroom in Dist.-Darjeeling, West bengal.But I do not have any idea and any experience in this field. I will be highly obliged if you could help me in the aforesaid matter. Thanking you

  170. is toyota etios G good value for money? can it comfortably seat 3adults in the rear seat with leg space?


  172. new jazz petrol or swift diesel i am confused my monthly running is 400km

  173. Diesel car in a segment of 8 - 9 lakh rupees with good milage as average running of 100km in a day.

  174. Hi, I was contemplating to buy TATA Aria, however I see no ARIA's on road. Its almost a year old, Is there a problem?

  175. sorry for the previous question I mean shuold i go for scorpio or Bolera new can you help me

  176. Hi,all along we have been hearing about poor ground clearance of Honda City on Indian roads.This was confided to me by several owners.Then why are they not doing some thing about it / it seems that even when they are coming out with a new variant in 2012,there is no mention of any GC improvement.The only reason I hesitate to buy this car is its GC.Is it technically so difficult or does it take so much cost to achieve ? kindly educate me !

  177. Hi, I want to know whether Fiat festive offer for Linea and Punto will be there in October 2011 as well? the dealer says it ends on september 30th.

  178. Sir my straight Q to U will be which van to go for, Tata Venture or GM Van (CHINESE COLLABORATION) both to be launched in couple of months say by Feb 2011. I am looking for SPACE, engine, maintainance free, easy spares & affordable availability, Great mileage, diesel engine. And lastly price. which will be cheaper but not compromising the quality. Pls advice I am very waiting for these van to come and be owner of one. Pls send me mail so as to make up mind, which one to go for. Thanking you

  179. inquiry EON what is the booking amount and after booking how many days you deliver.

  180. my name is bala. want to know that is which muv is best? and which suv is best in india? send me sir.

  181. I am waititng for the Next gen swift to be launched in India. Can you please let me know when Suzuki is going to launch it.

  182. Rating: +1



  184. Hello Sir, Greetings to you. I have been driving an Esteem till now and want to go in for a new car. I had shor listed the Honda City (S MT) and the Scorpio (since I had it enough with a car, I though I will go for an SUV). But after I saw the new Sunny, I fell in love with it. My requirments are good seating space, good boot space and adequate power. My daily driving is about 02 kms. and on week ends it is around 50 kms. Once in a month I go for a long drive of 220 kms. Is the Sunny a good choice in terms of space, confort, mileage and durability? I drive the car myself and not a very big driving enthusiast.

  185. I want to know the Skoda Lauretta launch date? Or should i go with Honda City.

  186. Which car is better, A Hyundai santro LPG varient or a Hyundai Eon Magna? I have a budget of 4 Lac. Kindly advice.

  187. Iam looking for a car in 8 -10 lakhs segment. I do not travel long very often & shall be self driven. please suggest.

  188. In which month tata going to launch indigo manza cs (Compact sedan)?

  189. when is new i20 (if any) expected? or can I buy present i20 asta

  190. Sir, I own a maruthi alto bought in Nov 2007 and it has run under 8000kms. in view of hike in petrol prices i am thinking to go for CNG conversion kits. It is appreciated if you could plz tell me the pros & cons of CNG kits and its cost effectiveness. Thanks abdul rahman

  191. i am planning to buy a car (hatch back). I have taking in views of few who already have cars. Below are my questions: 1. Pertol car is cheaper than diesel and the maintenance cost is also very low. On a long run which car segment is better to buy. 2. These days diesel cars are coming with better technology where the maintenance cost is being reduced. Is this a fact and what are the diesel version hatch back cars with low maintenance 3. After speaking to a mechanic, he said that the average maintenance cost of pertol car would be around 2000/-, where as for diesel car it is 10000/-. Is this right. My Req: 1. I need a hatch back car which is spacious & fuel efficient.This will be my first car. 2. my budget is 5 Lacs. 3. I am ready for an 2nd hand car if thats in budget and in good condition 4. My usage will be as below I use the car mostly on weekends (sat&Sun) I use the car on weekdays very rarely, say (4-5 times) in a month for office (30kms) I use the car for tours once in a month or by monthly. Please answer the above queries and suggest a better car.

  192. which is the best performing car in the 1.2ltr petrol class. i mean acceleration,top speed handling,high output at low rpm..... and also want sugession on disel ritz and others in its catogery

  193. Kindly let me have the idea of price of new Honda city model 2012 and its expected date of launch.

  194. which is the best performing car in the 1.2ltr petrol class. i mean acceleration,top speed handling,high output at low rpm..... and also want sugession on disel ritz and others in its catogery, in petrol all posible cars eg figo, punto,ritz swift, brio, polo, i10, i20, liva, micra?

  195. is Hyundai eon O will best buy car this will e my first car

  196. I had booked a manza saffire with a dealer in delhi and was delivered the car yesterday, 31oct 11. however on going through the docume nts, i found out that the car was manufactured in feb 2011- nine months back! in addition it isnt in the best of running conditions, making rattling/ whistling noises, apart from seat belt wires hanging out and blue tooth not working, rear defogger also does not work. these are just a few things i have noticed in about 2 km which i have driven till now. i am so disappointed and feel cheated. pl help and advice as it is my first car and i have put lots of money in it. is it normal to get such an old car in a city like delhi?



  199. Help me with your suggestion on Vento/Verna/Rapid(sson to be launched)

  200. my budget is 6 lakhs. petrol engine,sedan,good mileage in city

  201. Which is the best buy? Hyundai Eon Sportz OR Maruti wagon R VXI?

  202. Hi It looks that Rapid is coming in brownish/greyish colour interior. will it be available in other options as well Regards Ashoo Saxena

  203. SIR I've heard that production of Verna Fluidic has been stopped. Is it true? If its so then wil the car be discontinued? I was planning to buy 1 on new year.

  204. how will be cbr125r lunched in india

  205. i m confused between tata safari and verna fluidic......i know that segments are different.....verna has good interiors and safari has good looks......please suggest me any one of these two..........

  206. I ma having a i10 Magan 2010 model. kindly suggest whether seuential cng kit ir better or normal kit is better.

  207. i want to buy two cars one premium diesel hatch,and one primium petrol hatch plz suggest

  208. For our CEO CLUB on we need cheapest Mercidiz car 35 no who can offer

  209. hi, i m planing to buy a car with in range of 5 to 7 avg monthly run is 700 kms. please suggest which variant i should prefer petrol or diesel? which will be better car in a segment?

  210. Rating: +1

    i want to buy a bike ranging 50000-70000?..sugest me the best bike?

  211. Indica Vista/Indigo eCS/Figo - which is better Looking for a comfortable ride (driver) on long journeys and ghat road driving. Good suspension.

  212. is there any problem with the steel quality of tata manza?

  213. Which is a better buy ikon or indica vista??

  214. Hi,Iam planning to take a Diesel Sedan and seriously contemplating between Verna Fluidic, Vento trendline and now Skoda Rapid. I travel about 50kms a day to office and about 200kms on highway in a month. Pls. let me know which one is a better option keeping in mind the fuel efficiency, low maintenance and value for money

  215. Which is the best cng kit for maruti ritz, 2010 model, lxi with k-series engine. please suggest me the right choice. Thank you Anshul

  216. Hi Experts, My query is that I am planning to have CNG conversion for Hyundai i10 1.2 Magna-Kappa2 (new model November.2011), which kit is best suitable for Hyundai i10 1.2 (Kappa2) which brand of cng kit? approx pries & company & all details with average. It will definetely help me my decision. Any addition information linked to CNG conversion in Hyundai i10 1.2 Kappa2, will be highly appreciated please sent my

  217. I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for potsnig this!

  218. Rating: +0

    Is it fair to install CNG in the new Verna Fluidic? will it effect the engine performance or life in any way?

  219. which is the better diesel car ritz or beat

  220. I am bit confused with New Maruti Swift VDI BS IV with ford figo 1.4 zxi, Can you just suggest which is better?

  221. I am planning to buy a Reva i Classe car immediately. What stopped me in my track is the fact that some of the accessories and the 200 custom color options are not available. M&M seems to be pushing out the reva cars in stock with a promotional offer. Is the production and support of Reva i Classe being stopped (in view of the NXR & NXG models being launched shortly)? Is it safe to buy a Reva i Classe car now?

  222. Rating: +1

    I own Honda City SMT model. I have a few question regarding CNG kit fittings. 1) How CNG kit works? Explain me entire procedure of its workings. 2)Advantages/Disadvantages of CNG. 3)What point should be considered while selecting, installing, operating, maintaining CNG Kit. 4)In petrol car, engine is designed for petrol as a fuel so as its intake, ignition, rocker timing is also set/programmed for petrol as a fuel. Is there any need to alter in programming after installation of CNG kit. Is their any chances of misfiring in cylinder? I will be very grateful if you provide answers to my satisfaction Thank-You.

  223. hi! this is raja ratnam. i am going to take delivery of new swift silky silver colour vdi variant which has no audio system the show room people say that from genuine maruthi spares they have an audio system costing around 15000 + speakers additional.shall i go with that are you suggest me to go for any other make.what i feel is if i go with show room available accessories not much tampering to the car may happen?

  224. i want 2 buy a new ,bike . which offers good stability,atlest50kmpl,smooth engine nd transmission..and decent 150 segment,,,,shld i buy now or shld iwait untill next year for launching of a new model???????

  225. wht to know abt a gud brand for installing a sunroof in altis

  226. Rating: -1

    Which among these could be considered as a good buy?(Consider all factors like design,specs and price) Nissan Sunny Hyundai Verna Fluidic All New Ford Fiesta Fiesta Classic Volkswagen Vento Skoda Rapid Honda City

  227. Which one is better between fiat linea dyanamic (diesel) & mahindra verito excutive diesel

  228. Rating: +0

    which bike should i buy range between 80,000 to 10,0000

  229. Hi, Im considering buying my first car., should i go with 2012 Lancer ex GT or 2nd hand 2008 dodge charger sxt?

  230. which car is better chevolet beat petrol(LT)&nissan micra(XV)&which of these car is best value for

  231. Dear I own Ford Figo petrol version 1 yr back. I want to fit LPG kit in the car, so pls suggest the best possibilities alongwith advantages & disadvantages for future smoothen drive. Rgds Tarun Hardiya 09755549817

  232. dear sir, we are planning to buy a sedan car within a budget of 5 to 6 lac..we are planning etios g...wud that be a good decision to go for it. we are gettinga double mind instead shud we get ritz ldi or wagon r vxi... can toyota tios be converted to cng... please suggest wat wud be a good option....

  233. what is the exact top speed of santro zip plus 1.1L?? through our road condition i can reach only the speed of 160 km/h..

  234. Rating: +1

    Dear Sir, I want to apply for job in honda. Please guide me for Apply & Which E-mail Id I can send resume.

  235. hello i want buy new car nw polo or swift in diesal varient, which one will b best in performance, m confused in these car so plz gvn solution with tech. and how can we judge the best engine.

  236. as per experts which car is better in termes of maintinance and perfomance ceverlet beat deisel or Ford figo deisel

  237. I want to buy a small hatch back pertol car within 5 lakhs in kolkata. I have narrowed down between (a) Hyundai EON (b) Cheverolet Beat (c) Fiat Punto (d) Skoda Fabia (e) Maruti Ritz (please give first, second and third best) 1. Driving requirement will be only 15 kms per day. 2. Important requirements - good mileage, value for money, less after sales service cost, less expense on spares, power windows. 3. Not important - head room, leg room and boot space.

  238. average monthly run 300-400 kms, suggest a family car suitable for me. is LPG model safe and suitable.

  239. I have a SKODA LAURA (old model) and its ground clearance is very low. So is it possible to increase the ground clearance because while the car passes through the speed breaker the lower body gets damaged a lot. PLEASE SUGGEST ME IF POSSIBLE.

  240. plz suggest which car i can buy in diesel out of these four: 1. swift 2. micra 3. i-20 4. figo

  241. should i convert i10 1.1ltr petrol to lpg

  242. Rating: +1

    Hi Team I am having an hyundai 1.1 I10 era,2008 model and wanted to install cng kit in my car.Please advice if i can go for sequential cng kit as the company suggests that sequential kits can be used in Euro 4 engine only but i have heard a lot of complints from my other friends who are having different cars that in normal CNG(venturi Kits) their is a lot of problem of missing in petrol and they are pissed by installing CNG in their cars Gaurav

  243. Which car is better among WaganR, Beat & I10

  244. Dear Sir/Madam I'm going to buy a car in smaller size-segment in next few months and I've the following constraints or criterias : 1.Both for rural and urban roads 2.should be comfortable for 4/5 people 3.good mileage 4.Most important one is the servicing/repair should be easily accessible and getable either from the brand itself or form local auto-mechanics .The locality is Bhubaneswar, orissa and its near by areas. 5.the budget constraint is max 6 lacs. Below I'm mentioning few conflict of interest.Please tell me in short the pros and cons of the following models with reference to above criterias and constraints. 1.Tata Indica EV2 2.Maruti ritz 3.Maruti A star 4.Maruti swift

  245. Please suggest best company fitted LPG Car in Maruti Wagon R ,Chevrolet Beat & Hyundai i10?

  246. sir i want 2 buy a diesel hatchback car in jan,b/w 5-7 lakhs so plz suggest me,,let me knw abt d new modals in 2012... i m a student,,nd keep in mind abt d gud luks nd interior...

  247. which car is best for every day use in diesel in between 5-6 lakhs range in , I have to run about 100 km every day , please send me with details

  248. sir i brought an alto K10 VXi recently (4 months back),i drive 600-700km/month , want to convert my vehicle to CNG/LPG which one to go for CNG or LPG. i have any problems in the near future if i get them fitted outside as the vehicle does not have company fitted CNG with this version.

  249. l am plan to buy a deisel car in an range of 5k to 6k, please advice, and about Tata Indigo CS

  250. my father want's a sedan car..... he suggest verna 1.6, vento, SX4, rapid. but now he is suggesting me tata indigo ecs... jst tell me the best car with great mileage, power, and all new features.... like ABS, power sterring, power window's, central locking, more sitting space, more powerful engine, audio control on sterring wheel, bluetooth...

  251. Budget up to Rs.6 Lakhs Diesel Car.Ecomomical in fuel consumption,no maintenance ,good resale value,good look,resonable price for spares, tough to Indian Road

  252. should i install CNG kit for i10 vtvt sports with 1 year old and ran 15000 kms.. and which company is best. monthly around 1200km.and after minimum of 5 to 6 years of use, how much resale value will be there for CNG

  253. Hi, I own i20 diesel.I want to know how i can improve my fuel economy? What is the optimum speed on highway that will give me maximum average?

  254. which car i should buy etios livo disel or i20 disel.

  255. Sir, Can U Pl inform me when Mitsubhishi Mirage is going to be launched in India and the expected Price. Thanks


  257. which car should i go for in petrol ? Sunny, rapid, Verna or City

  258. could I convert my manual transmission dzire into automatic transmission

  259. dear sir i want to buy deisel car my range is 6lac so wich car should i by

  260. we are planning to buy 3 box car.confuse between petrol etios and new dezire which car is better in performance

  261. my daily run approx 30 km . should i go for desel or not.

  262. Ihave a Maruti 800 1997 With Lpg. I want to buy WAGON R CNG Power Steering Power window .Tell Me The Actual Cost On road .How much concession i will get on exchange. Is There any Other Concession to Defence employ.I M staying in Ghaziabad. Is Wagon R CNG is Good . Suggest me the Best Way

  263. Confused between swift vdi vs zxi. cost both of the cars r same and booked vdi 3 months back, by seeing the extra features especially safety on zxi, wnats to change into that bt comparing FE vdi is always better and monthly running will be not more than 800km. kindly suggest

  264. which is the best in the budget of 3ooooo to 350000 ?

  265. i want to buy a nice bike around the budget of 1lac, which is the best option?

  266. i have budget of 6 lacs but i am confuse in hyundai i20, manza, nissan sunny, new swift desire. which one is best in fuel efficiency, comfort, matainnance.

  267. i am not able to decide whether to go for LPG Regular kit or Lambda kit or Sequential. Different mechanics telling different problems. Please clarify my problem.

  268. I am a service class employee ,I want to buy a car but my first confusion is between petrol and diseal car as increasing prices of petrol? second in between cars like polo, swift ,etios and figo car category pl guide me accordingly

  269. How is Renault Fluence Petrol Automatic. How many units have Renault sold of this car since launch. My worry is what if Renault discontinues this in India


  271. which car i should buy toyota innova Toyota Innova 2.5 VX (Diesel) 8 Seater BS IV or Hyundai Verna Fluidic SX CRDi AT

  272. which car is suitable petrol or diesel which will run average 25km per day in maruti

  273. Hi i am new driver (woman)looking for a good mid size or Hatch back disel with the best avg / milleage basically for city driving budget around 4 to 6 lakhs,and less maintance please suggest

  274. What the opinion about Scorpio Automatic transmission?

  275. I am planning to purchase a Hyundai I10 Magna 1.1 in the month of May. I just wanted to know will the prices go up? Thank you Kuldeep

  276. BMW 5 series or Audi A6 which is better car?

  277. my avg running is 50km per day and my budget is 8 lacs. please suggest should i go for honda city corporate edition OR else new dezire ZDI.

  278. is the tata minicat at this expo

  279. i want to buy a car and confused in eon era and alto k10 lxi please tell me your choice

  280. is it worth of buying i10 lpg car launched by hyundai company in the month of November 2011 keeping in view of hike in price of fuel constantly, i am planning to go with it could u please advice is it worth or not.

  281. i want to buy a car and confused in eon era and alto k10 lxi please tell me your choice

  282. Rating: -1

    Is there any possibility to fit CNG in Hyundai i20 Magna petrol version from hyundai authorized dealer or from out side? What will be the mileage?

  283. I want to purchase a scorpio. How good is it for a small family? Since I shall be driving by myself to work in city,how suitable will it be? Please let me know the mileage and also cost of maintenance? Please suggest any other car,should be rugged and suitable for city as well as highway driving?

  284. Honda Brio S(O)MT Hyundai i10 Asta 1.2 Kappa2 Toyota Etios Liva G SP Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi are fitting in my budget which one is the best to buy? i need an emphasis on mileage safety and features for daily routine. also tell the waiting time for all these cars.

  285. sir eon lpg can better car is me my budget is under 4 lack and any porblem after some time in lpg model

  286. I am planning to buy swift, but confused in petrol & diesel variant. which 1 would b better?? My daily run would b approx 25km in city?? also i would like to know is Fiat Punto better than Maruti swift??

  287. which is better maruti Swift or Fiat Punto?

  288. Rating: -1

    Is CNG cmpitable with ford figo / Not? is ford planing to launch CNG kit for ford figo if yes when we expect it.

  289. in a maruthi suzuki eeco 7 seater will there be luggage space beneath the back seat?

  290. I am planning to buy a new diesel sedan, I have shortlisted two cars,Fiesta Classic(Diesel) or Lancer(Diesel). I need a zero maintenance vehicle and regular service expenses not more than 3K at regular servicing? What would you suggest? Is there any other car's option as well???

  291. what should i buy honda new jazz base model or tata indigo manza aura?

  292. Rating: -1

    i wnt to purchase new swift dezire ...but i m confused that i should go for petrol model or desiel model???

  293. Which suv is better skoda yeti 4x4 or skoda yeti 4x2 or mahindra suv w-8?

  294. sir, I want to purchase chevrolet beat diesel, what is the life and tell me extra things abount car so i can purchase.

  295. I am interested in buying a Tata Manza Aqua Diesel.Please suggest if it is a good buy. Moreover, Why do I see very few Manzas on road, though it has been more than 3 years since its launch?

  296. sir,i have a indica vista saffir 2009,model i want to canvert it in to cng or lpg .is it possible? avishek mishra, kanpore,up

  297. which is better car in all respects new honda city or vento petrol?

  298. Rating: +0

    it is possible to cng kit fitting in skoda fabia 1.2 petrol.if it is possible then give detail on my e-mail id

  299. What bike will you suggest for a beginner like me? I live in Mumbai and I'll use it mostly for short rides.

  300. honda jazz petrol or swift petrol

  301. dear sir i want to buy car which car i should buy between MARUTI SWIFT VDI, TATA INDICA VISTA VX TOYOTA ETIOS LIVA DESIEL G ALL IN DESIEL VARIANT and which car have better resale value and better on road support system because i want it basically for my touring

  302. I am plannin to buy royal enfield classic, but m in a dilema that i should buy 350cc over 500cc. Please advice also let me know the advantages and disadvantages.

  303. Is fitting CNG kit in Maruti Eeco 7Str from authorized dealer like fortune distributors is reliable ? what about the performance and maintenance ?

  304. Sir we r planning to buy a car price btwn 9 to 10 lakh. pl do let us know the best deisel car to buy .

  305. hello, i m planning to buy verna fluidic.pls suggest petrol or diesel?note that my average running per month is 400 -600 km(not fixed) but vechile can be stand still for 10 to 15 days is my long time investment(8 to 10 years) is developed and maintained by Open Source Design Lab | Logo Design by Archana Rajagopal