Assam SAII Motors introduces Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor

Assam SAII Motors, a leading manufacturer of farm and agricultural equipment in India has showcased the new Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor Model at EIMA Agrimach India 2013. This is the first tractor range being introduced by the company.

Assam SAII Motors introduces Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor Model

Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor Model is ideally suited for smaller and marginal farms in the country and is economical due to the fact that it requires lower power utility. It comes in with latest in with a modern design and sturdy chassis while it is capable of doing multiple tasks. Being lightweight, reasonably priced and highly comfortable for operators are added advantages.

The 22 hp Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor is capable of total haulage capacity of upto 3 tonnes. It has a fuel efficient double cylinder, water cooled direct injection engine and comes fitted with technology of international standards. It is being offered with advanced features such as automatic depth, draft control system, digital instrument cluster and lever for speed and high/low functions. The company hopes to manufacture around 3000 tractors during the fiscal while price of the Rhino XT 2022 DI Tractor is between INR 3 to 3.5 lakhs.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Manoj Chhawchharia, Chairman, Assam SAII Motors Pvt. Ltd. said, “Our expertise has always aimed at empowering the farmer, be it in India or globally. We want to improve farm lifestyles by making hard work easier, increasing yields, and help the farmers prosper. With RHINO XT 2022 DI tractor, we aim to redefine the marginal tractor market in India and emerge as a market leader.”