Planning to buy Audi A3, Mercedes Benz says ‘Wait for It’

There is no doubt that Audi and Mercedes Benz are competing for top spot in India. While sales figures of Q1 2014 placed Audi on top, industry is still awaiting Q2 sales figures as neither of them have revealed numbers yet.

Mercedes Benz India CLA 45 AMG Launch

The battle for top spot despite being underplayed is going to get even more intense as both German companies prepare to launch their first ever compact sedans in India. Audi is all-set to launch the A3 sedan on 7th August. Media drives are done, dealer bookings have begun, all that remains, is price announcement.

So, how can Mercedes Benz India spoil the party for Audi, considering that CLA is not going to get the first movers advantage. Well, in a way they did. Yesterday at the launch of CLA 45 AMG, Mercedes Benz India announced that CLA will be launched in the next 180 days!

This news will surely have an effect on number of bookings Audi A3 receives, as some buyers would definitely want to wait and see what Mercedes’ CLA has to offer in terms of price and package.

Audi A3 sedan India assembly lineThere is no doubt that there are many buyers who are going to go for the A3, but there will be a segment who would want to wait it out and see for themselves which one suits their needs best. Especially after the announcement from Mercedes Benz India yesterday.

Are you interested in buying A3? Would you wait for the CLA? Please let us know in the comments section below.