Audi India driving experience at Buddh International Circuit

Audi driving experience at Buddh International Circuit is one the company offers in India allowing more and more people to understand the true prowess of what those engines that power Audi vehicles are truly capable of.

Audi Sportscar Experience India

Our Audi sportscar experience saw us behind the wheel of Audi TT, Audi S4, RS5, and R8. Being afforded 6 laps in each car at BIC was a safe and brilliant approach at checking each cars capability albeit for a short while.

With 3 of the laps being under guidance in the co-drivers seat, it is the information provided during this time that helps each person who is part of the experience go just a little bit faster with every passing lap.

Audi isn’t the only luxury automaker making possible such an experience as Mercedes-Benz India too offers Performance Drive options here.