Audi naming style for variants with same engine, coming to India?

Audi already has a separate badging protocol for their cars in China and Dubai. As per this nomenclature, each models which are powered by the same engine, but have different outputs, will have a number mentioned next to it. It is now reported that this naming style is coming to India.

audi new badging styleTypically, Audi prints the name of its cars in two parts, one on left and other on right side of trunk door. Left part contains characters, the first one denoting class code (alphabet) like ‘A’ or ‘Q’, followed by segment number like ‘4’ or ‘7’ etc. Some cases like the TT, have special nomenclature as it does not belong to a series of models or upgrades.

Second part on right side of boot lid, engine displacement is indicated in terms of litters like ‘1.8’ or ‘2.0’, followed by engine technology like ‘TFSI’ or ‘TDI’. In some cases, Audi cars share same engines but apply different tune (power rating), it is not easy to identify which car is more powerful.

In case of Audi sedans buzzing in Chinese market, has two variants with same 2.0 litre TFSI engine with different states of tune on each. One comes with 180 PS max. power and other with 211 PS of peak power. How would the public differentiate them is both has same badge that says ‘A4L 2.0 TFSI’?

So, in China, each car/model has a number with respect to its power rating. This is enforced in place of engine capacity notation with two digit numbers like ’35’, ’40’ and the like. So the scenario stated above is solved by new system that names the former A4L as ‘A4L 35 TFSI’ and latter as ‘A4L 40 TFSI’. The picture showing Audi A8 L above was originally named ‘A8 L 4.0 TFSI’ on the back, now displays ‘A8L 50 TFSI’ to signal the power potential this workhorse has. So in short, higher the number, higher the power. This being said, sporty models/variants like ‘S’ and ‘RS’ class will continue to use the conventional dub.

Audi India has not stated anything officially on the new naming style coming to India. But considering that they will be having new engines with different tunes in the future, this new naming style seems perfect.

via Overdrive

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