Audi retracts Tesla bashing press release

Audi was under fire for giving out a press release against an article posted on CNN Money which stated that Tesla sales have beaten Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. They have now retracted this press release from their official site.

Audi retracts Tesla bashing press releaseAudi reacted to a report posted by CNN Money earlier this month regarding, Tesla Model S sales out-numbering that of Audi A8. The headlines in the report stated – Tesla sales beating Mercedes, BMW and Audi (which, we agree is misleading). But, Tesla sells just one car, Model S and it is priced from $70,000. So the comparison made by CNN was about the premium car sales.

For the first three months of 2013, Audi sold 1,462 units of A8, BMW 7 Series saw sales of 2,338 units and Mercedes Benz sold 3,077 units of its S Class in America. Tesla Model S sales for the same period crossed 4,750 units, which resulted in the controversial headline. The point CNN making in their report, is that the car, (Tesla Model S) which most thought wouldn’t sell or nobody could afford, managed to outsell the existing leaders in it’s segment (well, if you consider just price).

So, Audi giving out a press release in order to prove that their overall sales were much better than that of Tesla’s, was a little out of place. They have now retracted the press release from their official website, but you can still have a look it below.


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