Safety first technology: Bike will start only if you wear a helmet (Video)

With increasing number of two wheeler accidents on Indian roads and ‘could not care less’ attitude of riders with regard to the use of helmets, a Smart Helmet has been designed that acts as a key to turn on and off bikes. A group of four engineering students from Pune have come up with this innovative idea and designed a Smart Helmet that actually acts as a key to starting the bike.

Bike will start only if you wear a helmet (Video)

Failure to wear the helmet will not allow the bike to start. A video of use of this Smart Helmet and its advantages has been released to appeal to all two wheeler riders. You can watch the video below.

Smart Helmet is designed by third year diploma students uses an FM receiver and transmitter system. It consists of a battery operated transmitter with an antenna at its rear along with a switch fitted in its interior panel. The FM receiver and antenna are connected to ignition coil of the bike and to the battery and relay system. It is only on wearing the helmet will inside panel switch be activated which in turn signals the transmitter and receiver. This then sends a signal to the relay system to ignite the ignition coil thereby putting the bike in motion.

With over 130 million bikers on Indian roads and 90 bikers receiving head injuries each day, the four students found it the need of the hour to come up with an innovative idea without which the bike will not start. The removal of the helmet will also turn off the bike thus making the entire biking experience safer and more enjoyable.

The four engineering students who came up with this idea of Smart Helmet are Sanket Kulkarni, Tejas Menon,, Vaibhav Jagtap and Kiran Kolekar. They are excited at their new innovation and hope that this will inspire more and more two wheeler riders to use helmets in the future. Currently, this technology is in the development phase currently. Once launched, it is expected to cost about Rs 1,000 per installation.