BMW India test drive surprise. The day they met Sachin Tendulkar

While we don’t know how the selected few were chosen but the drama unfolded on a quiet Sunday when 10 unsuspecting families took a test drive. That’s quite the norm, but this drive was unlike any other, and everything was captured on hidden camera. And as the drive unfolded in front of their eyes, the ultimate surprise ending left them stunned at the finish line.


While the drive starts as any other, soon there’s dancing street cleaners, petal throwing young school children who wave along, a ballet company that puts on a street show, an orchestra on a street stage, posters of the family’s in the test drive cars, and a grand reception where the ensemble cast and many more people greet them at the end of the drive with photographers busy clicking away. And it doesn’t end there. As the families move towards a stage, they’re greeted by Sachin Tendulkar who not only shakes hands with them but obliges with a photo-op. Welcome to the club is the message of the day.

Watch as this seemingly regular test drive unfolded. BMW India wants you to share your reactions to its exclusive video premiere using the hashtag #TheUltimateTestDriveSurprise.