BMW Mini posts record sales for October 2011, launches MINI Yours customization program

BMW Mini brand sold 23,839 units worldwide in October 2011 which compared to October 2010 sales figures, is an increase by 16.2%, a new sales record! BMW Mini’s year to date sales figures too increased, as compared to Jan – Oct 2010, Jan – Oct 2011 posted an increase by 23.3% as they managed to sell 232,056 units.

Of all the Mini cars, Countryman continues to be the best seller. In October 2011, Mini Countryman posted sales figures of 8,645, a staggering 145% increase compared to October 2010 Countryman sales figures.

Mr Robertson, Board Member, BMW said, “When we launched the new MINI ten years ago, we created the premium small-car segment. Since then, we’ve been busy growing the MINI family. New additions to the line-up have propelled MINI to new sales records. And now with the new MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster, we fully expect MINI’s momentum to continue.”

In order to continue their impressive run in the auto industry, Mini is looking forward to penetrate new auto markets around the world. BMW India is on the verge of launching Mini brand in India within a few weeks.

To serve their customers better, Mini has introduced a new customization program, called Mini Yours. Mr Jochen Goller, Director, Mini, UK said, “The introduction of MINI Yours underlines MINI’s reputation as the benchmark car brand in customization. The sheer number of options available through MINI Yours means customers can tailor-make their MINI using exclusive colours, designs and materials like never before; creating a MINI like no other on the road.”

Mini Yours will allow customers to choose their own upholstery materials, interiors designs, graffiti’s, exterior colors, tattoos and much more. “MINI Yours is an exciting and innovative development for the brand, but it’s just one more step on the journey. It’s not the end. There is far more to come from MINI,” Mr Goller added.