BMW S1000RR Vs Honda CBR1000 Repsol: Road racing at 299 kmph

Road racing is always dangerous. Not only you put your life in danger, but also of others on road. But still, people fail to understand this. Time and again, we encounter some videos on the internet where people show their racing skills on public roads. The above video is one such example.

In the video, two 1000cc superbikes, BMW S1000RR and Honda CBR Repsol are seen racing each other. They are seen making dangerous manoeuvres and overtakes, with no respect whatsoever for road safety, rules or fellow commuters. There are many instances in the video where any of the two racers could have lost control and gone of the road, or ended banging into another vehicle. But, nothing of that sort happens. Surely, these are experienced riders, but that does not give one a reason to disregard road safety.

Road racing at 299 kmph BMW S1000RR Vs Honda CBR1000 Repsol