BMW TVS 300 cc sportsbike will have two types of TVS radial tyres

In a new development, which is sure to leave some fans disappointed, it has now been confirmed that the upcoming TVS BMW 300 cc sportsbike will get TVS Tyres.

TVS tyre for bmw tvs motorcycle

These tyres will be manufactured by TVS Srichakra (aka TVS Tyres). Currently in development phase, the company reveals that there will be two types of radial tyres on offer (front and rear different size). Apart from this, they did not reveal much info regarding the BMW TVS tyre.

TVS Tyres is one of the leading two wheeler and three tyre manufacturers in the country with over 11 million produced annually. But, the two wheeler tyres they produce, are mostly used by motorcycles and scooters in the commuter segment. This will be the first that the a TVS Tyre will be seen company fitted on a high-performance sportsbike, especially on bike which also has a BMW tag.

Obviously there will be apprehensions about the TVS Tyres on board the upcoming TVS BMW motorcycle. But, at the same time it is also true that the company is developing these tyres from ground-up, probably benchmarking them against best in the segment (read as Metzeler). If the tyres manage to impress the biking fraternity, this will be good news for many riders as they no longer will have to buy expensive imported tyres.

TVS BMW sportsbike plans
TVS BMW sportsbike spy shot

Apart from this, TVS Srichakra Limited is also working on expanding their manufacturing plant in Chennai. The current capacity of this plant is 2 million annually. By December this year, they plan on increasing the capacity to 2.3 million. For this, they are investing Rs 150 crores.

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