Save fuel with new Bosch eClutch

The new electronic clutch manufactured by Bosch, eClutch not only saves fuel consumption, but also makes driving much easier. The system has proved its efficiency as it closes the gap between manual and automatic transmission and reduces fuel consumption by 10%.

This electronically operated clutch for manual cars can be automatically controlled resulting in a multitude of benefits to both driver and car. Primarily, eClutch being highly cost effective, saves on fuel which makes it an instant must have. There is also no unnecessary stress on driver in the event of traffic jams. eClutch system controls clutch in heavy stop and go traffic permitting driver to travel on smoothly without any stalling or jerking. eClutch also allows a manual car to become automatic in a jiffy while also permitting automatic coasting on highways when throttle is closed so drivers do not need to press on clutch pedal or shift to neutral manually.

bosch eclutch

eClutch from Bosch detects driver functions and assists in easing pressure on gas pedal in start/stop coasting function. The system instantly decouples the engine from transmission resulting in fuel efficiency while drivers can also manually stimulate this effect by disengaging the clutch on a downhill stretch.

Pricing of eClutch is a lot more economical than a conventional automatic transmission which makes this Bosch product more attractive to buyers. However, despite all the hype around this new electronically controlled clutch, the company has not yet made any announcements of production or any alliances with any automakers. For more information, scroll through the press release below.