Can Salman Khan make Suzuki Motorcycles India recognisable as the brand Suzuki is

While, you aren’t likely to find too many people who haven’t heard of Maruti in India considering they even have a service center in the difficult Ladakh terrain, it is by default the association of Suzuki with Maruti becomes a synonymous term, thereby acknowledging Maruti Suzuki.

So, where does Suzuki Motorcycles stand in the Indian market? Two wheelers is a big and growing market in India, and it’s time Suzuki creates brand recognition in India keeping in mind they will bring their first commuter segment mobike Hayate very soon.

Suzuki is now roping in Salman Khan to build Suzuki’s identity in India. A plethora of his films that still find popularity in India may not have had great urban appeal in recent years but the actor certainly continues to woo rural India.

In the words of Atul Gupta, vice-president (marketing and sales), Suzuki Motorcycles India, “Maruti Suzuki is a giant in India and people often compare us to them and are unable to imagine that Suzuki can also make two wheelers.” “It is a big decision to have Salman Khan as our brand ambassador and we think he will be instrumental in turning the tide in our favour.”

While Salman Khan’s association with Suzuki Motorcycles India is yet to be gauged it does begin another war of the Khan’s when we consider Shahrukh Khan’s 14 year association with Hyundai Motor India.

Nalin Kapoor, group head-marketing, Hyundai Motor India said, “It has been an extremely fruitful and long standing association.” “When we came into India, we needed a face and Shahrukh Khan was perfect for us. It has worked like a dream for us and fortunately has maintained his super-stardom in all these years.”

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