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Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has revamped and provided a new look to the new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV variant. Usage of stainless steel structures is…

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has revamped and provided a new look to the new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV variant. Usage of stainless steel structures is seen in this package. Most of these components have been designed to ensure ease of access to the vehicle and at the same time boost safety features.

These components include a stainless steel tubular front guard which is a great feature to prevent serious injuries to pedestrians. This guard meets EU requirements and comes with an EC certificate. It has a diameter of 60 mm and is elastically mounted to the vehicle. It can be upgraded by affixing high beam lights which are a part of the ready to install kit. One can also opt for a smaller version of the front guard which can be attached to the underside of the front apron.

Rocker panels with integrated steps and aluminum running boards can be used to upgrade the SUV. Rocker panel guards are also available which are used to protect sides of the Hyundai Santa Fe. Running boards from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle are provided with ribbed stainless steel surfaces and make entering and exiting the vehicle easier. Chrome exhaust tips are also available for those who want to replace production issued exhaust tips on the Santa Fe. These components are high grade and come backed with EC certification and a 24 month warranty period.

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Purebred Off-Road Looks for the New Hyundai Santa Fe

The new Hyundai Santa Fe has arrived and Cobra Technology & Lifestyle dresses up the new Korean SUV with exclusive stainless-steel components that represent classic off-road design.

The components include a high-gloss stainless-steel tubular front guard that meets the strict EU requirements for pedestrian protection. The elastically mounted Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard has a tube diameter of 60 millimeters. It comes with EC operating certificate, eliminating the need for individual inspections. The front guard itself can be further upgraded with auxiliary high-beam headlights that are sold in a ready-to-install kit.

Alternatively the front of the Santa Fe can be modified with the smaller Cobra CITYGUARD® component also made from stainless steel. This protection element features a tube diameter of 60 millimeters and is centrally attached to the underside of the front apron.

For easier entering and exiting of the vehicle and to protect the rocker panels the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle designers and engineers have developed custom-tailored rocker panel guards with integrated steps beneath front and rear doors. The high-gloss stainless-steel rocker panel guards have a tube diameter of 80 millimeters and are sold as a ready-to-install set.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also offers aluminum running boards to upgrade the SUV.

As an alternative Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also developed rocker-panel guards made from stainless steel. They are designed to protect the sides of the Hyundai.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also offers running boards with ribbed stainless-steel surfaces. These accessories also make getting in and out of the vehicle easier, and come in a ready-to-install set.

To add some visual pizzazz to the stock exhaust system Cobra Technology & Lifestyle have developed a system with four chrome exhaust tips to replace their production counterparts.

All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle parts are manufactured in OEM quality with TĂśV or EC operating certificate. All are backed by a 24-month warranty with unlimited kilometers.

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