Daimler India Commercial Vehicles continues its planned approach by launching 3 Tractor-models and 1 Construction Mining model

Mumbai: Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), the 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s leading truck manufacturer Daimler AG, today launched 4 new BharatBenz models (3 Tractor and 1 Construction-Mining) at an exclusive event conducted for Media in Mumbai.

· 7500 trucks sold since launch – Not a single truck with discount
· 3 Tractor models – 4023TT, 4028TT & 4928TT
· 1 Construction-Mining model – 3128CM
· New products to be launched in 2014/15
· Established network of 75 state-of-the-art facilities.
· 1st Wave of Export to 15 countries initiated

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles continues its planned approach by launching 3 Tractor-models and 1 Construction Mining modelWith the launch of the first 3 Heavy-duty models in September 2012 (2523R, 2523C & 3123C) BharatBenz began its offering of a range of trucks. Subsequently, BharatBenz launched its range of Medium-duty Trucks in February 2013. It also launched its range of Made-in-India trucks for Export under the FUSO brand in May 2013. During 2013, two more Heavy-duty trucks (2528 & 3128) were also launched. While other variants are to be launched, this launch of Tractor models enhances the BharatBenz’s range to cover segments from 9 – 49 tonnes GVW. With today’s introduction of models, BharatBenz is now present in all major segments of Medium & Heavy duty trucking.

The four models launched today will be commercially available as of today through the fast entrenching well-established dealership network across the country. The BharatBenz Tractor and the Construction-Mining trucks will now bolster the capabilities of customer who operate in this segment adding the dimension of reliability, fuel-efficiency and an overall superior TCO benefit. (Technical Specification sheet attached)

Mr. Marc Llistosella – Managing Director & CEO, DICV said: “The trucking industry in India is experiencing a tough phase. Under such circumstances, customers critically examine the offerings by manufacturers. BharatBenz trucks with their superior all-round performance and TCO benefit therefore enjoy a much greater advantage. With the launch of these trucks BharatBenz is now present in all major trucking segments as promised 2 years ago. The complete experience that the BharatBenz range provides has also triggered a substantial transformation in Indian trucking”.

In 2013, BharatBenz 3123R won the “Best Rigid Haulage Truck of the Year” and the “CV of the Year” award. This was within 3 months of the launch of its trucks in the market in September 2012. In January 2014, DICV won the ‘CV maker of the Year’ award and BharatBenz won two awards for its trucks. The 1217C won the “Innovation of the Year” award and the 3128C won the “Best Haulage Carrier over 25 tonnes GVW’ at the industry-leading Apollo CV Awards. The awards besides adding fame to the brand’s performance in India also acknowledges the long sought positive transformation the brand BharatBenz has brought to Indian Truckers. The brand besides providing the best in terms of products & services has also changed the paradigm of customer orientation for the entire industry.

Mr. V R V Sriprasad – Vice-President, Marketing, Sales & Aftersales, DICV said: “Tractor-Trailers are at the very top of the value-chain in trucking. Hauling heavy goods over long distances, the qualitative aspects that BharatBenz provides in terms of efficiency, reliability, economy and overall TCO benefits become most important and imperative. With all the promised parameters established the Tractor-trailer operators would benefit most with BharatBenz. The Construction-Mining truck on the other hand will provide a very important aspect of reliability considering the conditions in which these trucks will be operated, demand continuous use under tortuous conditions”.

With the launch of the current models, DICV has continued to deliver on its promised portfolio as per schedule announced at inception. BharatBenz reached the 4th position in the industry in 2013 and continues to focus strongly on its business plan. Further models are planned besides its focus on Daimler Buses for India. The committed financial infusion from the parent Daimler AG continues as per plan and shall support the vision of Daimler India towards achieving its plan to transform to the Indian Commercial Vehicle industry to the next level.

Since the launch of the first BharatBenz dealership in Chennai in August 2012, BharatBenz has established a network of 75 outlets in line with its plans to cover more than a 100 locations by early 2015. These dealerships are state-of-the-art and are equipped besides modern facilities with well-trained manpower for both Sales & Service. While the sales team is trained to sell BharatBenz trucks based on values, the Pro-Active service from Aftersales ensures that the customer’s truck has maximum uptime and benefits the customer.

BharatBenz also provides industry-first and industry leading features in financing and insurance through its exclusive tie-ups with reputed financial institutions. BharatBenz Financial (BBF), a captive financing subsidiary of Daimler offers a one-stop-solution for BharatBenz customers at all dealerships.