Dieter Zetsche hands over keys to Mercedes-Benz M-Class Popemobile and smart ebike to Pope Francis

Head of Mercedes Benz Cars, Dieter Zetsche had a private meeting with Pope Francis at Domus Santa Marta, a guest house of the Vatican and the Pope’s current abode. It was here that he handed over the keys of a new Popemobile to the Pontiff. In addition to the official papal vehicle Popemobile, a smart ebike too was handed over to Pope Francis yesterday.

Popemobile and smart ebike for Pope (4)

This Popemobile is a converted Mercedes M Class which the company has modified at their plant in Alabama and which is designed to cater to the comfort and safety requirements of the Pope. The new Popemobile will be used on Pope Francis’ first official trip to Brazil which he will undertake later this month.

The word ‘Popemobile’ came into existence during the 1980s when a Mercedes Benz G Class was used by Pope John Paul II. This was replaced in 2002 by an M Class and this particular model was also used by Pope Benedict XVI. Zetsche appraised the Pope on company’s endeavors towards sustainable future for transport besides the company’s aim in creating a cleaner and safer environment. The Pope was also informed about all charitable activities undertaken by Mercedes Benz and their commitment to society. For images and press release, go to next page.