Voice of Jaguar now face of Dunlop China, Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock (TV series), didn’t just give rise to legions of British fans, but Tv audiences around the world. Benedict Cumberbatch’s fan following in China grew to an extent that would previously have been unfathomable for a Brit actor, who has only just started treading on Hollywood territory.

Benedict Cumberbatch Dunlop China

Dunlop in China is wasting no time, realising Bendict’s potential to reach out to people and fandom, Dunlop China has announced the actor as its new spokesperson.

Somehwere in random translations, China’s favourite ‘Curly Fu’ has been renamed Mr Compaq Buchan, but nothing takes away from the fact that TV series “Sherlock” has been recognized by the Chinese audience, and Sherlock has in fact been recognised as one of the world’s hottest star.

The 2 year spokesmanship agreement brings together 2 greats of British descent, both constantly challenging and innovating. Resultant, Dunlop China has introduced a new advertising campaign. A Chinese language poster with Benedict asks, ‘Why Dunlop?’

1888 at the bottom is a reference to Dunlop’s roots, start from 1888. The slogan next to Dunlop’s logo at the bottom of the ad refers to the newly developed ad campaign slogan which loosely translates to, “tough safety, your best choice for cars”.

There’s no doubt the poster itself is going to have fans swooning. After a myriad of ad films for Jaguar, most of which see Benedict in a narrator’s role, here’s one from Dunlop where you see plenty of Cumberbatch.