Eicher 30.4% December sales decline, for YTD 2013 -16%


Eicher branded trucks and buses sold 2807 units in December 2013 as compared to 4032 units in Dec 2012 equating to 30.4% sales decline. YTD 2013 sales stand at 40550 units when compared to LYTD 2012 sales of 48262 units equating to 16% sales decline for 2013.

In the domestic CV Market ( 5T and Above), Eicher trucks and buses sold 2372 units as compared to 3598 units in Dec 2012 equating to 34.1% sales decline for December 2013. YTD 2013 sales stand at 37250 units as compared to YTD 2012 sales of 45761 units resulting in 18.6% sales decline.

EicherEicher Trucks and Buses exports stand at 435 units in Dec 2013 as compared to 434 units in Dec 2012 resulting in 0.2% sales growth. YTD 2013 sales stand at 3300 units as compared to YTD 2012 sales of 2501 units representing 31.9% growth.


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