Excellon DMS Implementation at Mahindra Two Wheeler Wins EDGE Award

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. (MTWL), the scooter and motorcycle unit of the Mahindra Group, has bagged the Information Week award for enabling process innovation through technology.

EDGE – Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence (using IT) is an initiative by InformationWeek to identify, recognize and honor end-user companies in India that have demonstrated the best use of technology to solve a business problem, improve business competitiveness, and deliver quantifiable ROI to stakeholders.

Mahindra Two WheelerKey Drivers that inspired MTWL to enable a technology transformation:

MTWL, a new entrant in an intensely competitive arena, had embarked on a journey of transformation and was looking to turnaround its business, grow revenues, and establish stronger ties with its customers in a short time. A forward thinking company, MTWL believed that state-of-the-art IT infrastructure would be a strategic lever to enable it to achieve its objectives. It zeroed in on Excellon for a solution, impressed by the company’s strategic technology leadership with cloud and mobility, and expertise backed by a large team of experienced professionals relevant to MTWL’s business.

The Excellon DMS Implementation at Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd (MTWL) won the award for its innovative process improvement initiative with several distinctions, including the high speed of adaption wherein Excellon 5 DMS was adapted to MTWL’s business very quickly. This was accomplished by Excellon’s ability to successfully migrate and adapt a large number of dealers every month across the length and breadth of urban and rural India. This helped MTWL save a significant amount of time and costs normally incurred in larger deployment timelines, and alleviated cost pressures with quick adaption.

The Excellon solution has helped MTWL realize its strategic vision with several benefits including better visibility into its sales & distribution network, and enabling it to effectively connect with the customers and respond quickly to their needs. The implementation also benefits the dealers in all the areas including customer connect, communication, stock management, warranty & claims, and elimination of manual processes in various areas.

Finally, the Excellon DMS 5.0 solution has helped MTWL launch new models successfully in the market by aligning enquiries, bookings, shipments, dealers and customer feedback seamlessly, leading to enhanced revenues. Thanks to these improvements, MTWL’s efficiencies increased, resulting in significant cost savings post installation.