Fast forward to 2015, fuel cell cars

Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota have announced new fuel cell cars to hit markets by 2015. Both these automakers are actively testing these fuel cell vehicles, though initial prices are to be expected to be sky high.

Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle has been seen on test which  Honda planning to release into markets by 2015. The company is also in an agreement with General Motors to co develop next generation fuel cell technology. Toyota is also spearheading the launch of fuel cell vehicles and has been showcasing versions of FCV Concept ever since 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. They, along with Honda plan to launch these fuel cell vehicles in 2015.


Honda and Toyota each plan to build 1000 fuel cell vehicles in 2015 which will be increased significantly by the year 2020. The two auto majors will concentrate on markets of Europe, Japan and US for a start. Honda is developing a sedan that will roll out in November 2015 which will have to capacity to travel upto 500 kms on a single charge which is double the range of an electric vehicle. Toyota also hopes to release its fuel cell powered sedan in 2015 with ambitious plans to increase output dramatically by 2020.

Pricing will be a major factor affecting the sale of these zero emission vehicles with prices set for below $97,000. These prices should drop considerably by 2020 thus making them more affordable.