Ford EcoSport SUV 4 seat with DC Design

Within a compact space, one would think that’s a job well done if it’s the 5 seat Ford Ecosport you’re looking at. Then DC Design steps in and reworks a perfectly workable car, and voila, now you have a 4 seat urban SUV.

DC’s Ford Ecosport is devoid of any chrome in the front fascia and grille. Original headlights are done away with, and in its place you have a string of LED lights (10 of them, 5 in white and 5 in yellow orange) encased within the structure. Side view indicator looks familiar albeit it’s lost al its orange. In fact the car has lost all colour and sticks to a matte ash grey.

ford ecosport suv custom built by DC design (1)

Ford loses it’s emblem to DC. Headlights have been shifted lower to the fog light area sitting on top of them, front bumper looks untouched by and large.

New upholstered interiors in cream sees chrome support between headrest and seat. Front co-passenger seat can easily be folded down with a latch at the back of the back rest. Gizmos galore greet you on the inside. Inside door panels have had makeover with a rectangular open latch, while the door handle inside having been done away with. At the same time there’s plenty of dual tone on door panels with additional mechanised function buttons.

ford ecosport suv custom built by DC design (4)There’s a screen to entertain backseat occupants and it can be positioned within the sat or moved easily for a better viewing angle . Additional lighting on the roof sees a touch of colour with yellow bits around what looks like speakers centred around fancy lights. Armrest between both backseats houses plenty of backseats to make adjustments to ambience. Between both front seats sits a classic car shaped headlight body, only this one is matte black and could be housing a sound system or an air-conditioning unit.

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