Ford explains how they tried to hide Mustang from spies in new video

Testing a car is becoming a trouble for car makers these days. When out testing, they are no less than a celebrity, being followed by paparazzi. So how do they manage to evade the watchful eyes? Ford explains in their new video, the art of camouflage.

Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer, had this to say: “The professional photographers all know where the cars get built and where they get tested. One photographer we see frequently parks in discrete locations with a view of these facilities, just waiting for something new to emerge.”

ford mustang art of hiding

The first person to take the car out of the Ford factory, was Tom Barnes. Tom took the 2015 Ford Mustang, with camouflage out of the factory back in June this year. He says that within less than an hour, of him taking the car out, photos of the new Mustang started getting published on automotive websites.

“After spending weeks refining the camo package for the Mustang, it was a bit frustrating getting snagged by the paparazzi almost immediately,” said Barnes. “On the other hand, when we saw the photos later that day, it was a relief to realize you really couldn’t tell what the car looked like.”