Ford India brings Auto Expo experience with 3D virtual reality booth

MUMBAI, India, February 21, 2014 – What would you give to go back in time to revisit events that you might have missed and experience that excitement? Ford India is giving auto enthusiasts an opportunity to do just that! The Ford Time Machine comes to your town to take you back in time and allow you a chance to take a 3D virtual reality tour of the Ford Pavilion that was a highlight at the 12th Delhi Auto Expo.

The Ford Time Machine is a unique installation that will allow the user to go back in time and visit the exciting line up Ford vehicles at the recently concluded Auto Expo 2014. The Time Machine will travel to six cities over the next 15 days including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Guwahati and Surat.

Ford India brings Auto Expo experience with 3D virtual reality boothThis one-of-its-kind initiative by Ford will elevate the customer experience and bring the excitement of Asia’s largest Auto Expo to their backyards. The users will experience a 360°, virtual walk through of the Ford Pavilion through 3D glasses. A user wearing 3D glasses can also change the perspective by changing positions.

Ford’s pavilion at the Auto Expo 2014 illustrated its award-winning and segment-leading vehicles including the All-New Figo Concept and the new 2014 Ford Fiesta which enthralled audiences leaving them spellbound. The Ford Figo Concept, aimed at redefining customer expectations in the B segment won the NDTV Car&Bike Show Award for the ‘Best Global Concept Reveal’ at the auto show. The new Ford Fiesta, with a rejuvenated, stylish and bold design, and more advanced technologies, appealed to enthusiasts across the board.

The Ford Time Machine will be installed at the Infinity Mall, Malad, Mumbai between February 22 and 23; at the Saharaganj Mall, Lucknow between February 22 and 23; at VR Surat Mall, Surat between February 01 and 02; at the Hub Mall, Guwahati between March 01 – 02; at Garuda Mall, Bangalore between March 08 to 09 and at the Express Avenue Mall, Chennai between March 15 and 16.