Godrej Motormate car safe for India

Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) has introduced Motormate for safety in cars to deal with increasing car thefts in India. Motormate is designed to protect valuables on the go while at a mall, work or on the road.

Motormate car safe

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head – Marketing, Godrej Security Solutions said, “At GSS, we have always believed in foreseeing and anticipating consumers’ needs and requirements. It is natural for car owners to leave their cars unmanned on the road or at parking lots at malls, offices, other public places. Thieves today target car owners who leave valuables like cash, wallets, GPS systems, debit/credit cards behind in the car’s glove-box. The glove-box is usually flimsy and can be broken with simple instruments. This situation gets car owners concerned about the security of their valuables when they are on the move. To address this anxiety and counter unauthorized access, after extensive consumer insights, Godrej Security Solutions launched MOTORMATE – a reliable way to protect valuables inside a car in the absence of its owner. We felt this was the right time to launch MOTORMATE in India as there is a potential market for the same.”

Motormate’s compact, portable and easy to access multi strand, braided steel safe makes is easy to attach to handles, hinges, pillars, legs etc, provides adequate storage for your mobile, camera, keys, wallets/purses, cash, debit/credit cards, detachable car stereo, etc. Motormate is available at a price of Rs 2,499/- and is a good fit for use in cars, SUVs, trucks, caravans, etc, and is available online and at stores.

Godrej Motormate car safe