Google Car unveiled: First driverless car prototype (video)

Looking a little like Tata Nano, Google has revealed their very one driverless car prototype. Featuring no brakes, no pedals, or a steering wheel, Google’s driverless car prototype only has start button and a panic stop button. You car is connected to your smartphone.

Google unveils first driverless car prototype

This is just a prototype. Google does not want to enter into car manufacturing, but they would want to show the possibilities with the technology in hand, one of the most potential of them being – driverless taxi cabs.

So how do you drive this car, or rather get driven in this car. Well, the car is connected to your smartphone. So all you need to do, is feed in the destination in your phone, and the car will take care of the rest.

google carPowered by an electric motor, Google has built about 100 units of these prototypes, all of which were built by a manufacturer in Detroit. Designed to operate only in urban and suburban environment, top speed of these two seater driverless car prototypes is at 25 mph (40 kmph) and has a driving range of 100 miles (160 kms) on full charge.

Watch the video below to see Google car in action. First impression leaves everyone content.