Greenlots and BMW Group Asia set up electric vehicle network in Singapore

Greenlots, a global provider of open standards based technology solutions for electric vehicle networks, has entered into a contract with BMW Group to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in Singapore. This venture is a part of BMW 360 Electric Program and together with Greenlots will be installing public chargers and networks for all owners of BMW electric vehicles in Singapore.

BMW i3 Greenlots

BMW i owners in Singapore will be able to use these chargers and will be directed to then via BMWs navigation system while ChargeNow cards will also be provided. A total of 30 public chargers are planned for installation and will use Greenlots SKY Smart Charging platforms. Greenlots will also be installing iWallbox Pure chargers at homes and offices of the customers.

Home and Public Charging network a part of BMW 360 Electric program is designed for owners of BMW i vehicles with special emphasis on four aspects which will be offered as standard with every purchase of a BMW i model. These will include public charging, home charging, flexible mobility and assistance services.

Singapore is seen fast acceptability to e-mobility and hence this joint venture between BMW and Greenlots will not only benefit BMW owners but will also lend support to other EV drivers in Singapore. Users of BMW i vehicles will have access to AC charging units by using BMW i-ChargeNow cars and Greenlots mobile apps while directing drivers to the nearest charging station. Greenlots has extensive plans ahead to install 30 L2 AC chargers across 20 public locations by the end of this year.