Harley Davidson electric motorcycle to be revealed today

Harley Davidson, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle company, hints at an electric bike in the works with a mysterious video released on the company’s YouTube channel. The video title says “06.19.14.” which makes one speculate if this big announcement comes in today.

The bike in question, a quieter bike, devoid of the HD distinctive roar is seen zooming down Route 66, with further spyshots of a bike from sets of the next Avengers movie, giving rise to speculations that it could be an electric bike in the making.

Harley Davidson electric motorcycleThe probable electric motorcycle looks like a street legal model and if estimates prove right, would be the first from the brand. A much quieter Harley Davidson zooming down a section of Route 66 sported a trademark bar and shield logo attached to the clip. It did not sound like rolling thunder but rather like a jet engine as it zoomed past cameras alerting further suspicions of an upcoming electric model.

UPDATE – Harley Davidson electric motorcycle officially unveiled as Project LiveWire (31 Photos and video)

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A supposed electric Harley Davidson was also spotted on the sets of Avengers: Age of Ultron in South Korea where it was being ridden by a stunt double for Scarlett Johansson, giving rise to further anticipation that this will be the first electric bike to be produced by Harley Davidson. The bike was noted to have amber coloured side reflectors on front forks besides red colored side reflectors on guard rails which are accessories mandatory in countries like the USA.

Images via badweatherbikers