Honda Amaze diesel sedan waiting period depends on silver or black car colour

Research has been ongoing in relation to car colours, and the choices buyers make. Amongst the myriad of colours offered, silver enjoys an unmatched hierarchy. As such, it’s not surprising that if you were to buy a silver Honda Amaze diesel sedan, the waiting period involved will be longer. At present, it’s at the longer end of the 4 month period, and that extends to almost 6 months, depending on which city you reside in.


However, there’s an easy way to get around the dilemma that will almost immediately reduce your waiting period by a good two months. The alternative is to ask for a black colour car wherein a delivery is guaranteed at around the 2 month mark. At this point, it should be remembered that even a white colour car will increase your waiting period to the higher end of the spectrum.

The 6 color options for the Honda Amaze compact sedan are Taffeta White, Alabastar Silver Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Urban Titanium Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Majestic Blue Metallic. As production at this moment is limited, dealerships across India have been allotted a fixed number of cars each month. Bookings however are being made at a faster pace, and the ensuing gap has widened the delivery gap. Delivery for the Honda Amaze petrol variants are made made at half the time of a diesel variant.

To ensure that this gap doesn’t lead to customer dissatisfaction forcing buyers to switch preference, Honda India certainly needs to maintain transparency pertaining to their growing waiting list and delivery date at the dealership end. Any attempt by a dealership to profit from out-of-turn delivery in lieu of a premium is unthinkable at this moment though it’s not a practice that’s’ unheard of.