2014 Honda City sedan explained in detail

To build a successor to a successful car like City, is never easy. But time and again Honda has proved that they can better their City sedan with each new generation. The task at hand was much bigger this time around, considering that they were going to launch a diesel engined City sedan for the first time. So, how did Honda Car India manage to improve their City this time?

Rich global heritage of Honda City.

  • 1st generation City (VTEC engine) in 1996. This City was based on CIVIC FERIO and was sold exclusively in Southeast Asia region
  • 2nd Generation City (iDSI engine) in 2002 was based on FIT and it expanded its footprint to Japan  and China markets as well. Total sales volume exceeded 1 million units, and it became a key model for Honda in overseas market by 2008.
  • 3rd Generation City (i-VTEC engine) introduced in 2008 has been proud to be the leader of Honda Brand in Asia & Oceania region
  • Global unveiling of the 4th generation of this very popular mid size sedan on 25th November 2013 in India
  • Since the launch of 1st generation in 1996, City has brought joy to over 2.2 million customers in 55 countries by October 2013.
  • Not just the sales figure, but City has been awarded with more than 100 awards globally

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Global User Survey

During the Development of the New CITY, we went to many countries and directly met hundreds of customers to listen to their frank opinion and understand their daily usage, driving habits, parking condition, and so on. We thoroughly researched the values that customers were looking for in an automobile

India User Survey

These surveys were carried out extensively in India. We surveyed many people, visited their homes and took interviews to understand their mindset and lifestyle needs. We deeply studied their usage and driving characteristics in both city and highway conditions.

From the survey, we understood about “customers’ high expectation towards CITY”.

The development Team’s target was set. New City must “offer value which exceeds the customers’ expectation”

India Target user – Young generation, for 20s to 40s

In India, CITY is seen as an Achiever’s car – a symbol of success & status and users take immense pride in its ownership.  To ensure that the New City appeals to a wider audience,  we focused on a design which embodied high class feeling and sportiness. Moreover, comfortable, spacious interiors, high level of Fuel Efficiency and dynamic performance were also key values that Indian people expected from the car.

With these kinds of needs of the users, we started the development of the new City.

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Grand Concept

Based on our findings, we made the Grand Concept for New City.

The new CITY pursued value beyond customer’s expectation while keeping the segment size. It excels over other cars by its Cool, Sporty design and overwhelming spacious interior.

Furthermore, we aimed at top class fuel efficiency, comfortable driving which provides a sense of security to be a STUNNER.

The new CITY is like a Star who captures spotlight and has an aura expressed by superior quality and gallant vigour

Therefore, we set grand Concept as Advanced and Cool Stunner.

“Exciting H Design”

The All New Honda City expresses Honda’s new design concept “Exciting H Design” which will be applied to all future Honda global models. City is the first model in India to adopt this new design concept.

Honda always puts the human at the center, and at the core of our “Man-Maximum Machine-Minimum” philosophy,

The “H” in Exciting H Design also encompasses the concept of “human-centered.”

We seek that our design should express three key elements.

  • High Tech, that means Technology and Human interaction;
  • High Tension, expressed by design with a dynamic framework; and
  • High Touch, a quality that appeals to the five senses.

honda city sedan explained (5)Exterior Concept – Sleek Cross Motion

With EXCITING H DESIGN as the Base Concept, The styling concept of New CITY is referred to as SLEEK CROSSMOTION. Honda’s Man Maximum Machine Minimum philosophy was further evolved to realize the New City body frame.

Moreover, we considered the unified style of “Sleek form from front” and “dynamic side form”.

Front design is characterized with a “Low front face “, “Airy bumper design” and “Advance and high class solid wing face”. Also, with features like “four Head lamps” , we have achieved high-quality and dynamic front design.

For the side design,  Dynamism was expressed by “clear cut side panel,  dynamic and powerful fender.”

The rear design expresses premium status and wide stance with the continuous motif of combination lamp and license garnish. And the Rear combination lamp imparts a high class feeling by its brilliant cut of reflectors. We considered the appearance not only in static state but also at the time of luminescence.

honda city sedan explained (6)Interior Design

The concept is Layered Floating Cockpit which is expressed by advanced and high quality textures and a feeling of comfort. The features of design are Refreshing view which gives a feeling of openness, and sense of security. Premium T zone combined with the Advanced Driver’s panel expresses high quality of sedan. A sense of high quality comfort was achieved by extending the T Zone to console.

honda city sedan explained (7)Exterior Colour

The New City will be offered in six exciting colors. A new exterior colour, GOLDEN BROWN METALLIC was developed exclusively for the New City. This new colour has the richness of gold blended with the deep brown colour which reflects light like the brown topaz jewel and delivers a high class feeling

honda city sedan explained (9)Package Concept

Packaging is the big attractiveness of the new City.

In order to realize the advanced sedan style and extensive interior space, the sedan frame based on the Man maximum Machine minimum philosophy of Honda was evolved at a higher level. The concept of package was taken as Smart Dynamic & Smart Comfort.

The long wheel base was realized while maintaining the City Segment’s size. The comfortable and dynamic form with tires arranged in the four corners was produced. Furthermore, longer wheelbase also brings about the interior space of overwhelming width which exceeds the midsize sedan category.

Comparison of dimensions of the New City with the current City -

-Overall length of the New City stays at 4440mm

-The wheelbase has been extended by 50mm, and is now 2600mm

-While the width of the car stays same at 1695mm, the shoulder room has been increased by 40mm

-Front head clearance is improved by 10mm

-the overall height of the New City has been increased by 10mm

New City will offer a very spacious interior cabin with

-The tandem distance increased by 60mm,

-Knee room is up by 70mm, and

-The rear legroom improved by 60mm

The leg room in the New Honda City is same as that of Upper D segment cars, which are two classes above.

honda city sedan explained (13)Trunk Room

We expanded size of each part so total capacity of under and above floor in Trunk room has been secured at 510 L which is top in its class. The trunk opening was widened further for better usability.

honda city sedan explained (14)Power Train

The all new City will be offered in both Diesel and Petrol – The i-DTEC Diesel engine from the Earth Dreams technology series and the improved i-VTEC Petrol Engine. The transmission options are:

  • Newly designed 6 speed Manual Transmission for the diesel engine.
  • New and advanced CVT and a 5 speed Manual Transmission for the petrol engine

honda city sedan explained (15)Salient features of 1.5L i-DTEC engine

The key points of this engine are:

  • all aluminum open deck high pressure diecast engine block,
  • High strength and lightweight crankshaft,
  • lightweight piston, and
  • low viscosity diesel engine oil.

The customer can enjoy top fuel economy and performance at the same time.

The i-DTEC engine in the New City has the best fuel economy in India with 26 km/l  as tested by ARAI.

It delivers a maximum power of 100ps@3600 rpm and maximum torque of 200 N-m@1750 rpm.

This top Fuel Economy and performance has been achieved by application of advanced Diesel Engine technology. Low fuel consumption technology is used for achieving the high fuel economy  by reduction in friction of each part, use of low viscosity oil and improvement of the cooling system.

Emission levels were reduced by High swirl head port, high intake flow and low compression ratio.

As for weight reduction technology we worked on optimizing the surface rigidity for the cylinder block and addition of an independent bearing cap block.

A new, low viscosity engine oil has been developed for the diesel engine called as HONDA 3D Oil.

Compared with the standard oil, the viscosity of the new engine oil has been reduced at low temperature to maximize all engine performance parameters. This new oil is highly cost competitive

honda city sedan explained (16)New Transmission 6MT for Diesel City

The diesel engine in the city will be mated to a newly developed 6 speed Manual Transmission.

This 6MT is light, compact, and attains top class transmission efficiency with wide range and optimized gear ratios to deliver a pleasant, silent and fun to drive experience along with an excellent fuel economy that only a Honda can offer.

honda city sedan explained (23)Salient features of Improved 1.5L i-VTEC engine

The very popular 1.5L i-VTEC engine has been improved further to deliver No. 1 Fuel Efficiency and Driving performance as well. With the newly developed CVT, the impossible has been made possible. Users can now enjoy effortless driving with a high fuel efficiency.

The new CVT will deliver top class fuel efficiency of 18 km/l and the Manual Transmission delivers 17.8 km/l.

The i-VTEC Engine delivers a maximum power of 119 ps@6600 rpm and and maximum torque of  145 N-m@4600 rpm.

So the new City combines fun driving with fuel economy that is of top level in this segment.

Technologies used in the i-VTEC Engine: Petrol Engine utilizes the original Lo?Hi VTEC mechanism of Honda. It realized the coexistence of high power at high rpm, and high torque at low rpm.

High fuel economy is achieved by various efforts such as Application of Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, Optimization of combustion by valve timing and use of double needle plug. Reduction in friction of each part like using zigzag pattern coating on piston was adopted to reduce friction. For weight reduction, integrated plastic intake manifold was applied.

honda city sedan explained (25)New Transmission CVT

This innovative Honda Original CVT was developed as “Earth Dreams Technology” and has been carried in CITY.

High tension belt, CVT fluid, and efficient oil pump are newly developed based on the technology of the conventional CVT.

Furthermore, the environmental performance has been raised by achievement of wide ratio range and high transmission efficiency.

Highly precise cooperative control “G-design Shift” with DBW delivers fun to drive performance.

With the application of the new CVT fluid, we achieved 8% wider ratio than the conventional CVT.

For improving fuel economy, friction reduction of each part, oil churning reduction, oil pump capacity optimization, and wide range ratio were adopted. We achieved 10% more weight reduction when compared with conventional CVT.

With this light weight and compact new CVT with torque converter, we not only improved the fuel economy, but also achieved smooth and rapid acceleration at the time of starting.

Transmission 5MT – Petrol

The lightweight, compact 5MT was improved further. Based on the conventional transmission structure, optimization of the ratio was done and realized pleasant driving performance with outstanding fuel economy.

honda city sedan explained (28)Body

New City uses High Tensile Steel along with New body Structure to achieve a lightweight & High rigidity sedan body structure to support driving and package. The conventional body index was changed to the new Light Weight Index. With Light Weight index, it achieved 24% improvement of rigidity.

A high efficiency floor load path structure was developed to straighten the load path. A structural member under floor was attached after tank mounting.

We also adopted a new full door structure that contributed to weight reduction and appearance improvement.

honda city sedan explained (29)Chassis

New city has a completely new design, High Balance Chassis system which offers comfort with safety.

Front Suspension – New geometry MacPherson Strutt suspension for Operation stability and comfortable ride

Rear Suspension – High rigidity H shaped twist beam rear suspension for Operation stability and comfortable ride

Steering - High rigidity & new controlled column EPS for Rigid feeling & high-quality steer feeling

Brake - Optimum tuned brake system for Linear brake feeling for security

Lightweight – Reexamined every parts for lightweight

Linear handling was set up for invigorating driving, and set up roll axis in front nose down position. The drivers while steering will feel no delay in vehicle’s action and the linear reaction realizes a drive with a unified steering feel and a sense of togetherness.

City adopts a new control electronic power steering which delivers a high quality steering feel by improving the rigidity of each part. The turning radius was kept same at 5.3m for ease of driving in congested city traffic. Moreover, tilt adjustment has been increased, so that users can find their optimal driving position.

honda city sedan explained (33)NVH

Low Rolling Resistance Coefficient tires along with low drag caliper and low friction bearings have been used to reduce the rolling resistance and contribute to improvement of fuel efficiency. To reduce the NVH levels, the door inner weatherstrip installation position has been changed to reduce entry of noise. Wind noise was further cut down by application of a more flush cross section to the Front windshield moulding.

The New City Petrol is even more silent than the outgoing City

The NVH for New City diesel are top level in its class at the time of acceleration as well as during cruising.  For the diesel model, a number of sound and vibration absorption items have been applied to reduce the NVH levels to ensure a comfortable cabin for all passengers.

  • Multi Layer structure for Damper/ Insulator
  • Sound Insulation glass/ Sound insulation interlayer
  • Sound insulation type dash insulator
  • Engine room noise absorbing material
  • Change wire anti-vibration material
  • Front roof rail control mass
  • Noise absorbing roof lining + insulator
  • 4.0t thick door side glass
  • Trunk control D/D
  • Trunk side & rear tray insulator
  • Door lip seal
  • Door lining insulator
  • Non-foam type floor Mel-sheet
  • Sound insulation type floor carpet
  • Hood insulator, Da/out insulator, Upper lid insulator

honda city sedan explained (37)Improved Ground Contact Performance

Considering Indian usage conditions, the ground contact performance for the New City has been improved by changing the exhaust layout around the wheelbase centre.

Dynamic Performance

Dynamic performance pursued pleasant driving and comfort. With new diesel engine, and new designed BODY and chassis we realized the performance which exceeds competition cars. Especially the fuel consumption performance is far ahead of the competition.

honda city sedan explained (40)Safety – Salient features

New City uses the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body which enhances self-protection while mitigating damage to other vehicles in the event of a crash.

The hood is designed to absorb and reduce the impact forces in case of a crash with a pedestrian

Front, side and rear crash test were carried out according to Honda’s original standard tests and realized all-directional safety.

City will have Dual Front SRS Airbags along with ABS with EBD. And front seats will have Impact mitigating headrests which reduce the possibility of neck injury in rear impacts of low speed.

honda city sedan explained (45)Equipment


The New City features an advanced 5 inch monitor Audio system with a unique LCD display. No. of buttons are minimized to make it user friendly , easy to operate while imparting a premium appeal.

The Audio features an inbuilt handsfree telephone system, and the handsfree telephone and audio control switches on the steering wheel give the driver easy access to a wide range of audio system functions.

The rear camera with wide, normal and top down display on the monitor makes it easy to park for all in tough conditions.

The Audio also supports jacket and wall paper setting.

A USB and an auxiliary input jack lets occupants enjoy an iPod®, MP3 player or other digital devices for audio entertainment.

honda city sedan explained (43)Multi Information Combination Meter

The new City has adopted advanced design Multi information combination meter

The blue and white illumination meter with chrome accents lends a premium and sporty touch while enhancing visibility for the driver. The Combination meter displays a variety of information for the driver such as Instantaneous and Average F/E, temperature, cruising range, and many more information to make the drive more involving.

Fuel consumption meter, ambient meter rings provide feedback to the driver on fuel-efficient driving practices.

The ECON button on the city helps the driver to further enhance the fuel economy, thus,  making environmentally responsible driving enjoyable.

honda city sedan explained (44)Comfortable Cabin

While the Advanced packaging realized the amazing Rear Space beyond the class, Rear AC vents makes rear seating even more comfortable. Eight speaker systems generate a high quality sound experience. Total of four power outlets at front and rear seats enable charging of smart phones for all passengers.

With this equipment level, more comfortable sedan space can be felt by all customers.

honda city sedan explained (47)Advanced equipment

New City will offer the customers with a host of advanced interior equipment.

  • First in segment Touchscreen Auto Air Conditioner Panel with an advanced touch panel
  • One Push Engine Start/Stop button,  with Honda Smart Key System delivers a one class above feel
  • The steering wheel with its very sporty feel promises to maximize the driver’s involvement with buttons for cruise control, Audio and hands-free control
  • Paddle shift in CVT model which operated in both D and S mode

On the exterior, with segment first shark fin antenna, sunroof, 15” sporty alloy wheels, stylish fog lamps, sleek turn indicators on the door mirrors, chrome outer door handle, the New city truly delivers a One Class Above feeling.

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