Honda’s longest float at 2014 Rose Parade

Honda leads the 125th annual Tournament of Roses Parade with their “Keeping Dreams on Track” train-themed float features 5 train cars, which gets power from a specially-configured Honda hybrid engine. Honda’s float at the 2014 Rose Parade measures 274 feet in length, 30 feet in height, 18 feet wide at the widest, and weighs 50 tonnes, and is set to break the longest Rose Parade float record held by Honda’s 2005 Rose Parade float entry (207 feet).

This year’s focus is on TOMODACHI Initiative – the TOMODACHI-Honda Cultural Exchange Program, designed to create friendship and understanding between Japanese and American youth.

Honda 2014 Rose Parade

“Keeping Dreams on Track is an embodiment of Honda’s deeply rooted philosophy, The Power of Dreams, as well as Honda’s passion toward following those dreams to guide and inspire us to make a difference,” said Stephan Morikawa, assistant vice president of American Honda Corporate Community Relations. “Honda has many exciting efforts coming in 2014, and the Rose Parade marks our first opportunity to provide a sneak peek at some of these innovative Honda technologies and important new partnerships, while wishing everyone watching the Rose Parade a very happy New Year and joyous holiday season.”