Car accident didn’t kill Yo Yo Honey Singh, rumours did

As Yo Yo Honey Singh, the popular India rapper gears up for his Bollywood debut with Himesh Reshammiya in Xpose, rumours of his death in a car accident were rife on social media platforms. News of his death was doing the rounds while images of him lying dead on a hospital bed were being circulated on social networking sites.

fake death of honey singh

However, much to the relief of his host of fans and well wishers, this news was nothing but a hoax and the popular rapper is alive and rapping. The rumor on a social networking site claimed that Honey Singh, fondly known as YoYo was involved in a serious car accident resulting in his death. YoYo has declared via Twitter and Facebook that he is well and very much alive and news of his death was a fake rumor probably spread by some of his foes.

It is not sure where these photos originated but on closer inspection it seems that the photo was a snapshot taken from the rappers song ‘Bring me Back’.

YoYo is not the first of celebrities to be victims of similar schemes. Celebrities such as Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Parekh, Ayushmann Khurrana and Abhishekh Bachchan have also been victims of death hoax as well as international artists such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Norman Reedus.

YoYo has been in the news for other reasons as well. He recently launched a boxing club in Dubai and wishes to bring Global Fighting Championship (GFC) to India to take boxing to the level of cricket. He also has a bank of 200 songs ready for his audience who do not have to be concerned about any hoax news read online.