Hyundai ‘brilliant is’ longest song in the world, courtesy contributors

With about 170,000 of live lyrics from consumers in 17 countries, 16 of the best hip-hop musicians from Korea and producer Gil from Leessang, and of course you get together ‘For the brilliant life’ for this almost 16 minute video that encompasses the very spirit of brilliant taking into it’s fold everything that came Hyundai’s way.


Their brilliant stories become a 15 minutes long music video. There are 10 groups of artists who vividly recreated your stories. For the campaign, Hyundai focused on the power of music, which jkust like cars is closely connected to our lives for people across all age groups. After 4 months, Hyundai Motor Company chose the top 100 lyrics.

The project sees Skull & Haha, Geeks, ShowMe The Money, Mad Clown, Double-K, Zico, Swings, Soul Dive, Heo Gyeonghwan & Kim Jimin, and Zizo lent their voice to the song.