Hyundai Elantra DC Design: Customization gone overboard?

Hyundai Elantra has been given a makeover by DC Design, which is evident right from its new front grille to air intakes seen under its headlights. The grille is in a new honeycomb design fitted with the DC badge while the front end of the Elantra also sports a new pair of fog lamps. From the look of it, the customized version looks gone overboard. What do you think?

hyundai elantra customized by hyundai elantra 14At the rear end is a new diffuser and triangular dual exhaust outlets. Sides have skirts with the DC logo while the entire exterior is painted in a jet black and stark red theme. The overall black painted Elantra gets red accents detailing its outstanding modifications and grill lining besides side skirts and entire length of the car on its side.

Interiors are done up more in red than in black in stark contrast to the exterior. Seats, dash and steering wheel is in red as are the leather seats and plastics on the dashboard. DC Design has not yet released prices for the Elantra customization which should soon be making its way to DC outlets.

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