Hyundai Elite i20 further technical specifications, features revealed

Hyundai Elite i20 spied 1 front

Hyundai Elite i20 is trumping rest of vehicles this year in terms of spy shots and information leaks. Thanks to Vatsal Shah, we got new updates on upcoming second generation i20 hatchback.

Hyundai Elite i20 spied 1 frontElite i20 is said to equip Waste-Gate Turbocharger (WGT) instead of Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT). If this turns out to be true, there could be slight variation in power and torque rating of 1.4 U2 CRDI engine of Hyundai Elite i20 and would affect fuel efficiency as well.

On paper, VGT is known to have better command over fuel efficiency, enable linear acceleration, and induce less turbo lag at low engine speeds. It is unclear why it would be replaced with WGT, except that it is generally more reliable. Turbocharger in new i20 will have intercooler circulating oil and coolant.

Fuel injectors of Hyundai Elite i20’s diesel mill is also claimed to be different from those seen in first gen i20. Delphi will be supplying these as well, capable of higher pressure.

Compressor for air conditioning in Hyundai Elite i20 would be a new unit with larger intake. There could be change is refrigerant as well.

2015 Hyundai i20 New (1)Rest of features expected in Hyundai Elite i20 to include automatic door wing mirror opening (when key is used), park assist feature (automatic repositioning of reverse camera), display of fuel economy of each ride in Multi Function Display (MFD), In-Car Entertainment (ICE) system playing music via 4 speakers & 4 tweeters, functional rear Air Con vents (not just blower) and burglar alarm using road horn instead of separate siren.

Second generation i20 will loose some of features loaded in older i20 like automatic door lock (when crossing 40 kmph), rain sensing wipers, LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and sunroof.

We are yet to find out how much of above information will check out; lets wait till launch of Hyundai Elite i20 on 11th August 2014.

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  • Krishna

    this is a huge disappointment IMO. no DRL, no sensing wipers, no sunroof, Only these gave i20 a premiuim hatchback feel.. i dont get what Hyundai has done with the Elite i20… WGT !! how is the FE going to get affected. ?

  • Aqib

    I agree with Krishna, atleast DRL should have been provided.