Hyundai India 1 million Facebook fans

Hyundai Motors India Limited, the second largest automakers in the country are seeing increased popularity on their Facebook page. Fans on Facebook have reached a…

HYUNDAI India million FB fansHyundai Motors India Limited, the second largest automakers in the country are seeing increased popularity on their Facebook page. Fans on Facebook have reached a 1 million mark as the company concentrates on enhancing their digital position with interactive content to keep fans enthralled.

To celebrate this major accomplishment, Hyundai is coming out with a set of innovative and interactive events to attract even more fans. A special collvvcccage contest of thumbnail images of each of the 1 million fans put together in a logo of Hyundai is offered to fans while users can also search for images with the search box. Another contest will ask users to complete a statement – ‘I am one in a million fan of brilliance because…… ‘.

Fans are required to complete the statement in the most innovative and unique way while an application permits fans to download the collage on various sized of paper for photos, mobile images or wall papers. Exciting prizes are being offered to winners of these contests and digital activities and is Hyundai’s way of thanking fans for enabling the company to reach this major milestone on Facebook.


The second largest automobile manufacturer in India, Hyundai Motors, has crossed a remarkable milestone of a million fans on their official Facebook page. The automobile giant holds a strong digital presence and they are leaving no stones unturned to keep up their digital position with interesting and interactive content.

Buoyed by the response of people, Hyundai is celebrating this accomplishment by expressing gratitude to their million fans with an exciting new idea. The brand has come up with an innovative event to engage their fans and take notice of their momentous achievement.

Hyundai’s Facebook page directs the users to a unique application that displays a striking collage of the thumbnail images of each fan among the million put together in the logo of Hyundai. Users can also search for their images with the search box. This approach signifies the importance of each fan in the page as they are truly ‘One in a Million’.

Hyundai has also commenced a contest followed by the unique application that will ask the user to complete the statement, ‘I am one in a million fan of brilliance because…’ After completing this statement, the application also offers a feature to download the collage in various sizes for cover photos, wallpapers, mobile images, etc. Lucky winners of the contest will be gratified with exciting prizes. While these ensure engagement with consumers, it also lives up to the brand’s philosophy of enabling people to live their own ‘Moments of Brilliance’.

Encompassing an innovative application that serves as a token of appreciation to all the fans on joining and being actively involved in Hyundai’s digital activities, the automobile giant is grateful to all their fans who have helped them achieve the milestone of one million fans on Facebook.