Hyundai Intrado concept car trims transcend to designer HIEN LE’s fashion line

Hyundai Motor’s design approach transcends the table through an exclusive collaboration with European fashion house, designer HIEN LE. His latest outfits reflect Hyundai’s new concept car Intrado’s pertinent design themes, and will enjoy a premier alongside Intrado at 2014 Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday 4th March at 11:45 in Hall 6.

Inspiration gets life through fashion accessories, a range of clothing for men and women, from jackets to skirts and trousers all featuring clean shapes and refined details. We now get a glimpse of HIEN LE’s Intrado capsule collection.

Hyundai Intrado capsule collection

Intrado’s evolved interpretation of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture design philosophy is presented through new materials and contrasting colour schemes. Intrado and HIEN LE together look into future mobility where car design is addressed through a clean approach by using what is of value and perfectly fits the millennial generation’s lifestyle.

Mark Hall, Vice President of Marketing, Hyundai Motor Europe said, “Hyundai’s collaboration with HIEN LE further reflects the brand’s progressive attitude to design. The perception of the Hyundai brand in Europe has shifted significantly since we transformed the styling of our cars, a process we began in 2009. Since then, we have almost doubled our market share and design is now the number one reason for customers choosing our cars.”

Intrado concept car is the 1st to be designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer since his appointment as Hyundai Motor Group’s President and Chief Design Officer. Clean lines are accentuated with advanced styling, innovative powertrain, and use of materials that make future Hyundai cars lighter, cleaner and more efficient.