Hyundai Kia sales cross 7.1 million for 2012: Integrates Google Maps in new cars

Hyundai Motors, the largest car maker in South Korea, revealed that they have sold more than 4.4 million cars in the calendar year 2012 globally….

Hyundai Kia sales cross 7.1 million for 2012 Integrates Google Maps in new carsHyundai Motors, the largest car maker in South Korea, revealed that they have sold more than 4.4 million cars in the calendar year 2012 globally. This compared to 2011, is an increase in sales by 8.6%. For the month of Dec 2012, Hyundai sold 391,152 cars, compared to 371,260 cars sold in Dec 2011. Along with Kia, Hyundai sold a total of 7.12 million vehicles globally. Kia also stated that for the first time in their history, sales have crossed the half million mark in the US.

Apart from revealing sales figures, Hyundai and Kia also announced Google Maps integration in their cars. Application programming interfaces of Google Maps will be integrated within Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics platform to provide one exceptional search and navigation features. Currently through the Blue Link Platform, passengers are able to benefit from features like connectivity, safety solutions and convenience. These features help to accentuate the driving experience and with integration of Google Maps navigation will also be made easier.

These API’s include features like Local search by voice, Point of Interest search and send to car which will help drivers locate destinations easily through a database which will be updated on a regular basis. The Blue Link telematics platform has been up and running since 2011 and provides customers with a plethora of features to make everyday commuting an enjoyable experience.

Some interesting features include remote lock and unlock features, SOS emergency assist features, search by voice destination assist as also a feature to help drivers schedule servicing. Those looking for more information on the integration of Blue link interface and Google Maps API’s should make it a point to attend the Consumer Electronic Show which will be held from the 10th of January in Las Vegas. For more information, scroll down.

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Hyundai Motor Reports 2012 Global Sales Of 4.4 Million Vehicles

(Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest automaker, sold 4.4 million vehicles in 2012, a 8.6 percent increase over 2011. December global sales were up 5.4 percent, at 391,152 vehicles.

December 2012 Results

                                                                                                                                        Unit = one vehicle
Dec-12 Y-o-Y Dec-11 2012 FY Y-o-Y 2011 FY
Passenger Cars       35,002 -1.1%       35,395        393,707 -6.6%        421,696
SUVs       13,436 95.3%         6,878        112,007 45.8%          76,814
CVs       14,668 -9.6%       16,226        162,063 -12.4%        185,060
Total       63,106 7.9%       58,499        667,777 -2.3%        683,570
Exports     109,556 -15.1%     128,971      1,235,071 3.5%      1,193,343
Overseas Plants     218,490 18.9%     183,790      2,499,099 14.9%      2,174,803
Total     328,046 4.9%     312,761      3,734,170 10.9%      3,368,146
Global Sales Total     391,152 5.4%     371,260      4,401,947 8.6%      4,051,716

1. Commercial Vehicles (CV) include buses & trucks.
2. Hyundai Motor currently has seven overseas plants in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Russia, Turkey and the U.S.
?Excludes CKD (Complete Knock Down) unit sales.


COSTA MESA, Calif., January 2, 2013 – Hyundai and Google, Inc. today announced that Google Maps application programming interfaces (APIs) will be integrated into the U.S.-based Hyundai Blue Link(r) telematics platform, helping drivers more easily and quickly find their destination.

Hyundai Blue Link currently offers a variety of features and applications that elevate the driving experience by providing connectivity, convenience and safety solutions. New features supported by the integration of Google Maps APIs include Send to Car, Point of Interest Search and Local Search by Voice. These services will help drivers easily find points of interest and get to destinations more accurately and reliably using Google’s continuously updated Places database.

“Google is a leader and innovator in search, content and technology, offering incredible tools,” said Barry Ratzlaff, director of Customer Connect at Hyundai Motor America. “Blue Link makes it easy for our owners to find and navigate to their destinations. The integration of Google Maps APIs makes Blue Link even more effective. We look forward to continuing work with Google to bring innovative solutions to Hyundai owners.”

Hyundai Reception at CES

A reception will take place at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 10th in Las Vegas at 11:00 AM PST. Media and show goers are invited to attend for info and photo opportunities at the Hyundai Blue Link exhibit.
Since launching in 2011, Hyundai Blue Link now offers 30+ safety, service and infotainment applications that work to help simplify Hyundai owners’ lives and reduce distracted driving. From SOS emergency assistance, Service Link to help drivers schedule car care, remote start, lock and unlock via the Blue Link smartphone app and cloud-based destination search by voice, Blue Link offers solutions allowing drivers to stay connected.
“We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for people to discover more relevant information to help them make informed choices — whether that’s where to go for a coffee, or where to take dry cleaning,” said Tarun Bhatnagar, head of Enterprise Geo at Google. “It’s great to see that more drivers now have access to fresh, web-based content while on the go with the Hyundai Blue Link Google Maps integration.”
The integration of Google Maps APIs elevates Hyundai’s position as a technology and infotainment leader by giving owners access to a robust telematics database backed by Google’s maps and search technology.

U.S. Sales Exceed 500,000 Vehicles for First Time in Company History; U.S. Market Share Increases for 18th Consecutive Year

IRVINE, Calif., January 3, 2013 – Kia Motors America (KMA), which previously announced it had surpassed its best-ever full-year sales total in less than 11 months, today reported all-time record sales in 2012 of 557,599 vehicles, a 14.9-percent increase over the previous best-ever mark set in 2011. As one of the fastest-growing car companies in the U.S. over the last five years1, December sales of 39,178 units helped to extend KMA’s streak of annual market share increases to 18 years.

KMA’s sales were led throughout 2012 by the U.S.-built* Optima and that trend continued as the December total of 12,008 units helped the popular midsize sedan become the first Kia nameplate to top 150,000 annual sales. Together with the popular Sorento CUV – also built at Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) – Kia’s U.S.-built* vehicles represented more than 40-percent of last year’s record-setting volume.

“2012 was an historic year filled with a number of important achievements for the Kia brand including our 18th straight annual market share increase, surpassing the 500,000 unit mark for the first time, and the sale of the four millionth Kia vehicle in the U.S.,” said Byung Mo Ahn, group president and CEO of KMA and KMMG. “Kia is advancing value to new levels of sophistication by combining world-class automotive design, cutting-edge technologies and premium amenities with affordable pricing, and the brand’s maturation process will continue this year with seven all-new or significantly redesigned vehicles scheduled to arrive in our showrooms over the next 12 months.”


UVO Advances Kia’s Infotainment and Telematics with the Utilization of Google Solutions


UVO eServices with Google functionality will debut in the new 2014 Kia Sorento, expected to go on sale during Q1 of 2013

Map and POI destinations to be sent to the navigation system through Web and mobile

IRVINE, Calif., Jan 2, 2013 – Kia Motors America (KMA) today announced it will work with Google to provide content and search-based solutions enabled by Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for the second-generation of the automaker’s innovative UVO eServices telematics system.  These new solutions will initially be introduced on the new 2014 Sorento CUV.  The immediate integration of Google solutions will utilize Google Maps and Google Places to acquire driving directions and locate Points of Interest (POIs) in a seamless and organic manner.  KMA and Google look forward to continuing to work together to bring innovative navigation solutions to enhance the connected car experience.


Available with the 2014 Sorento CUV, the new Google-powered UVO system will serve Kia owners whether they are in their cars or away from them.  Enabled by the Send2Car feature, Kia owners can send a POI or destination to their car directly from the Google Maps via their smartphone1 UVO app.  From within the car, Kia owners will benefit from Google Places, which will provide POI and destination resources such as a dealership location, and Google Maps, which will provide directions to virtually anywhere and everywhere a car can travel.


“The newest iteration of the UVO platform is a breakthrough as one of the industry’s first mobile pure app-based telematics systems, and now with the Google solutions and APIs, we take the platform to yet another level of enhancement for the Kia customer,” said Henry Bzeih, head of the connected car program and chief technology strategist, KMA.  “Due to the popularity and ease-of-use of Google Maps, owners can remain confident in the technology and information being delivered to them.”


UVO continues to offer drivers hands-free mobile phone management capabilities and hands-free control of music from a variety of media sources, including CD, radio, USB, media player, and the Digital Jukebox.  With UVO eServices, users will now be able to control the 2014 Sorento’s on-board navigation system through voice commands when the vehicle is outfitted with the UVO eServices/navigation package.  Also new with UVO eServices is an enhanced telematics suite that offers a number of maintenance and infotainment functions, including 911 Connect, enhanced Roadside Assist2, Automatic Diagnostics, Manual Diagnostics, Scheduled Diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, and eServices Guide, many of which are run through the owner’s Smartphone equipped with the UVO eServices app available at no charge3.


Advanced Voice Recognition makes it simple to operate many of UVO eServices functions, including the Sorento’s voice activated navigation system.  USB connectivity allows users to download music files from a memory stick into the Digital Jukebox.  The large eight-inch touch screen is easy to operate and incorporates Sorento’s rear camera display4, Infinity®5 Premium Sound System and My POIs (personal Points of Interest via online maps), a feature that makes it easy to customize the owner’s most visited locations.  UVO eServices is compatible with iPhone®6 at launch and Android® phones are expected to be compatible in the second quarter of 2013.


Key Features of UVO eServices:


Google Integration: Utilization of Google Maps and Google Places to provide direction and location information.

eServices Guide:  Accessed via the touch-screen or voice command, eServices Guide places a phone call via Bluetooth® hands free connectivity7 to a voice response system that explains UVO eServices to the driver in an interactive manner.

Car Care Web:  Through the UVO eServices owner’s portal, known as “Car Care Web,” owners can check vehicle diagnostics, vehicle status, maintenance schedules, driving behavior, and schedule appointments with their preferred or nearby dealer via their home computer or mobile device.  Owners also can earn awards for safe and eco-friendly driving viewable on Car Care Web should they rank high enough among their fellow UVO eServices owners.

My POI:  Also available to UVO eServices owners is My POI, a feature that allows owners to send a destination from Google Maps through their Smartphone to their UVO eServices vehicle.  In the convenience of their home or office, the customer selects a destination from the Web via Google Maps, once the customer’s Smartphone receives the destination it will send the destination to the vehicle’s navigation system the next time the Smartphone is paired via Bluetooth® wireless technology.  In addition, all destinations sent from Google Maps will be copied to the owner’s Car Care Web. (My POI is only available with UVO eServices vehicles equipped with navigation).

Parking Minder: If the driver happens to forget where they parked the car, the Parking Minder function helps find it by sending the location of the vehicle to the driver’s phone.  If preferred, the owner also can take pictures of the surrounding area for reference, write a reminder note, email his or her location and set an alarm if the car is parked at a meter.  To guide the owner back, the UVO eServices Smartphone app will display the owner and the vehicle’s locations on a map.

Vehicle Diagnostics:  If UVO’s eServices identifies a problem by way of the Automatic Diagnostics function, it will communicate the vehicle’s issue(s) and its location to Kia’s 24/7 call center or will schedule an appointment online with the nearest Kia dealership upon user request. With Manual Diagnostics, at the owner’s preference, UVO eServices can connect the user with Kia’s 24/7 call center or schedule an appointment online with the nearest Kia dealership, should an issue be found.  Additionally, the user can take advantage of Scheduled Diagnostics from their Smartphone, setting a monthly diagnostic check of the vehicle.  Upon completion, any issues found are automatically forwarded to Car Care Web.

911 Connect8: In case of an airbag deployment, the Crash Notification Assist function will alert emergency services.  During a 10-second window, the driver has the option to cancel the call, otherwise UVO eServices will dial 9-1-1, read the vehicle’s location out loud to the emergency services operator and allow the operator to speak with the vehicle occupants.

Following the introduction of UVO eServices in the Sorento, the system will be offered in other models in the Kia lineup, including the all-new 2014 Forte sedan