India Audi Twin Cup sees Ludhiana and Mumbai South win in tech and service category

Audi Twin Cup held annually since 1996 is a global event with ll members of Audi dealer network participating in the championship. This was the 3rd edition of Audi Twin Cup in Delhi, India. 6 of the best tech teams, and 6 of the best service teams from Audi India dealerships participated in the finals held for 2 days to determine the championship title.


Audi Twin Cup participants need to be able to combine skills of technical knowledge and systematic customer orientation to win the challenging service competition. Joe King, Head, Audi India, handed over the Audi Twin Cup trophy to the winning teams of ‘Audi Ludhiana’ in the Technology Category and ‘Audi Mumbai South’ in the Service category. Audi Hyderabad in service category and Audi Chennai in Technology secured 2nd position. 266 Audi dealer technicians and service advisors competed in the India championship.

“The Audi Twin Cup underlines our customer centric approach and our constant endeavour to enhance our unparalleled service offerings. World-class service is increasingly becoming a deciding factor for customers and is the key to our success. At Audi, we demonstrate our premium services by keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do. This initiative gives our Audi partners, who are committed to providing excellent services, with an ideal platform to demonstrate their expertise and efficiency,” said Mr. Joe King, Head, Audi India.

“We are very pleased with the quality of technical knowledge demonstrated. Our technology and service teams scored well in an Audi AG moderated framework, which means that they were evaluated on the same level as other markets internationally. This exceptional performance in such a challenging environment is truly commendable. This initiative helped us to elevate the technicians’ importance and role in contributing to the success of Audi in India. This recognition we believe, will be one of the pillars to support our Audi partners to motivate their talented technical staff.” added Mr. King.