Infosys works with Daimler from Enterprise Operations Office in India

Infosys and Daimler AG entered into a multi-year agreement in FY 2014 Q2.It pertains to management of infrastructure services and data centers, providing e-collaboration and middleware services alongwith overseeing database operations.


Infosys has completed successful transition to begin operations in FY 2015 Q1 of Daimler’s European data centres. Infosys will manage Daimler’s daily data center operations while looking to innovate and improve.

Infosys and Daimler AG’s collaboration strengthens optimizing data center operations using secure cloud technologies to support continuous improvement and implementation of best practices in data center operations and standardization of service delivery being delivered from Daimler’s Enterprise Operations Office in Bangalore, India.

Ruchir Budhwar – Associate Vice President and Head of Automotive in Europe, Infosys said changes in market and customer demand make manufacturers reevaluate tech offerings to seek rapid response solutions that are cost efefctive and without disruption so companies react quickly, are cost efficient, and without downtime.