John Abraham thinks India needs a motorcycle racing film

John Abraham on Twitter today said, “We need a serious film on motorcycle racing… Am planning one!!!”

Having shared the update on Instagram too, he’s a shared a graphic of the Isle of Man TT, the world’s most famous race. Too early for any further details but there’s plenty of evidence that the actor is a fan of big bikes himself.


A few responses to his update today are as follows. “Go for it!!! Something similar to Race or Dhoom would be perfect.”
“Omg u joking. I have been saying this for soo long that john is incomplete without a bike plz plz plz do something like that it will be great.”
“Something on the lines of #theworldsfastestIndian perhaps?”
“I don’t think India has many passionate bikers, so the movie won’t really work.”
“People are now bored of love movies ! Now we want some inspirational, motivational n movies based on sports bikes n car! This is the only reason why dhoom 3 is making money!!”