Kahn Design refutes F1 number plate rumours, no £10 million sale

Afzal Kahn’s automotive design house has been oft written about either in reference to car tunings or the much coveted F1 number plate. Afzal Kahn paid £440,625 i.e., £375,000 plus VAT for his F1 plate back in 2008, which was on a Volvo S80 sedan owned by Essex County Council chairman.

Kahn Design F1 number plate

Prior to F1, M1 was the pricey plate sold for £331,000 in 2006. So, yes when discussions began about a £10 million sale price, it seemed exciting, that is until now.

The pricey F1 number plate assumed to be on sale has in fact not been placed for sale online for £10 million via Reg Transfers. A further serach on the site for F1 plate details returns this message, ‘I’m sorry, but this plate no longer appears to be available. Please try another.’ That’s that then.

Kahn Design did communicate with Reg Transfers to remove all references to the F1 licence plate. The confirmation kills yet another too good to be true rumour.