KPIT Cummins reveals Apps-to-Go for future cars at 2013 CES

KPIT Cummins has displayed a new Apps-to-Go deployment framework for in vehicle infotainment system. This system is expected to enhance media content and to enable drivers and passengers to have better in car experiences with a more personal touch.

KPIT & Livio live in action at International CESThis new framework from Pune based company was showcased at the CES – Consumer Electronics Show, last week. At the event, KPIT Cummins partnered with Livio to show a live demo of their new platform.

Apps-to-Go can be integrated into any Linux IVI platform. The system also works with mobile OS such as Android and iOS. The new App keeps customers informed, entertained and safe while at the same time being able to manage media content. Users will also be able to get the latest in technology as car manufacturers will be able to provide updates, services and the latest in information through these apps.

Apps-to-Go comes pre integrated with KPIT’s production ready infotainment system framework called KIVI or KPIT In-vehicle Infotainment. KIVI permits the addition of native and 3rd party download apps and features quickly and with additional security through software updates which offers better safety, driver’s assistance systems and vehicle tracking more enhanced. For more information, scroll down.

KPIT In-Vehicle Infotainment (KIVI) Software Platform

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KPIT Unveils Rapid App Deployment Framework to Develop & Deploy Apps Anywhere

January 11, 2013 – Las Vegas, NV/Pune, India – KPIT Cummins (BSE: 532400; NSE: KPIT), a global leader in product engineering solutions for automotive industry, today announced the launch of its unique app deployment framework, Apps-to-Go. The app deployment framework for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and smart phones allows car makers & Tier 1s to bring apps to cars and keep the IVI system up to date over the life of the vehicle.

“Our endeavour to enable car makers overcome the challenge of keeping consumers informed, entertained and safe in their cars has led us to develop Apps-to-Go,” said Anup Sable, Senior VP & Head – Automotive Business, KPIT Cummins. “With Apps-to-Go, drivers and passengers can not only manage media content, they will also be able to have personalized, in-car experiences,” he added. “Users will never be stuck with outdated technology as car makers will be able to provide updates, services & information through apps.”

Apps-to-Go enables secure interaction of apps between mobile devices and head units using the bundled vehicle services API. With Apps-to-Go, vehicle functions, media content and information from the Internet can be controlled safely and securely via mobile devices & head units. Apps-to-Go can be integrated into any Linux IVI platform. It also works with popular mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS. Car makers will be able to attract more app developers to build apps using HTML5, as apps built using this technology work seamlessly on multiple mobile devices and infotainment systems.

Apps-to-Go comes pre-integrated with KPIT’s production-ready infotainment software framework “KIVI” (KPIT In-Vehicle Infotainment). KIVI is a uniquely architected software framework that enables car-makers to embrace changes faster. KIVI allows bringing in native and 3rd party downloadable apps/ features quickly and securely through unique software updates and app deployment framework making the car an integral part of digital social life of consumers. KIVI also enables integration of safety and driver assistance systems, vehicle tracking and remote diagnostics services.

Apps-to-go is presented at the 2013 CES International show in in Las Vegas, NV till January 11th, 2013.

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