Lamborghini Tractor India launch at Kisan agriculture fair

Same Deutz-Fahr Group (SDF), leading Italian farm equipment makers, has announced the introduction of their premium range of Lamborghini tractors in India.

Lamborghini Tractor launched in India at Kisan agriculture fair (1)

The company currently produces HP range of Lamborghini tractors from their plant in Ranipet, but these products are chiefly for export to countries such as Europe and Australia. At the Kisan agricultural fair earlier today, no pricing were announced as the company stated that these would depend on specifications of final product ordered by their customer. Lamborghini tractor range will be highly efficient and luxurious. They will not only be suitable for farming but will also be effective for mowing grass and lawns in resorts and sports stadiums.

Speaking today. Bhanu Mishra, MD & CEO said, The beautiful and iconic Lamborghini Tractor is targeted at affluent farmers, golf courses, vine yards, and luxury resorts. On the other hand, the introduction of our new 35-45 HP range in 2014 which is the most popular configuration pertaining to tractors in India, will complete our entire product range in this market. We will follow this up with the launch of the 100 HP range category, in which we have always excelled globally.”

SDF Ranipet plant has current capacity to produce a total of 16,000 engines of upto 100 hp per annum while engines of upto 225 hp are produced from the company plant in Italy and engines above 225 hp are produced from the company’s plant in Germany. Investments to the tune of INR 300 crores is being pumped into the Ranipet plant so as to boost capacities while new machinery and other field requirements are also being looked into.

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