Lamborghini confirm Urus SUV production, show Egoista concept, and display Veneno

Lamborghini confirms Urus SUV production for 2017, shows Ecosta concept, and displays Veneno. A first look at the Ecosta is one that borders on futuristic, and nothing that you’ve seen until now.

Lamborghini Ecosta back

The gala dinner that followed the 50th Anniversary Grand Tour served up more than what the dish could hold for the night. Lamborghini announced that the Urus SUV heads to production in 2017. The concept SUV was first unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2012. While it was awaited, this is the first time there’s been any confirmation regarding production timeline.

Harry Metcalfe of Evo magazine tweeted, ‘Lamborghini confirms Urus SUV for 2017 production at tonight’s #Lambo50 gala dinner.’ Of course that is 5 years too long at the moment, especially since the Lamborghini Egoista / Ecosta concept too was unveiled tonight. If truth be told, no one has a clue what powers the vehicle just as what, or what it’s intended for. A first look is one that borders on futuristic, and nothing that you’ve seen until now.

Lamborghini VenenoAnd while we’re still talking about Lamborghini, guests for the evening were also privileged with the Veneno viewing. The limited production sports car made it’s debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Having borrowed extensively from the Aventador, the limited edition vehicle will just see 3 in production and celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. The display vehicle tonight was the grey Car Zero prototype. Image credit courtesy

Lamborghini Ecosta side

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