London SkyCycle: Proposed £220m project for 221 km cycle route

British architect, Norman Foster, along with a team of designers, has unveiled a model of networks and elevated corridors which could go a long way in making London safe for cyclists. This idea has been conceptualized following a total of 14 cyclist deaths on London streets during the past year.

Called ‘SkyCycle, this proposal has been put forth by Foster and Partners who have worked along with architects Exterior Architecture and transport consultants Space Syntax. The cycling route runs 221 kms on dedicated cycle lanes which run parallel to existing train lines. There will be a total of 200 entrance points all across London which will offer access to 10 cycle routes. Each of these routes will be able to hold upto 12000 cyclists per hour which will augment travel time across London by 30 minutes.

London SkyCycle Proposed £220m project for 221 km cycle route (1)

Besides offering speedier mode of transport, the SkyCycle route, built above the suburban railway system will also be safer, car free and will be exclusive for use by cyclists. The idea is being put forth and if approved could come up in the next 20 years, offering much respite to an already congested London transport network.

As per the designers, constructing of this transport system will be cheaper than constructing new roads and tunnels. The system will offer better health benefits to residents of London while it will make optimum use of space. This SkyCycle, once in place, may even push car owners to cycle rather than drive to work. (source)

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